The Daily Hotness: Samurai Pizza Cats!

Reboot, please? HD re-release? Maybe I’ll just go watch episodes online. Was discussing (more like compulsively listing) late 80’s and early 90’s cartoons with Dtoiders in the Outer Heaven chat recently. A lot of nostalgia. Remember Mummies Alive!, while I’m at it? A bit later, but what a great name! 

Today, Wesley Ruscher and Dale North were excited for Darksiders II and Ninja Gaiden 3 in their respective previews, Darren Nakamura reviewed both Jurassic Park and Shinobi (game show time: without looking, which received a high mark and which a low mark?), Dtoiders engaged in some Team Fortress 2sday action, and more!

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Podtoid recording today, and we’ll take your questions!
Live show: Mash Tactics fights the War in the North
Team Fortress 2sdays: Serious business!


Community blogs of 1/24
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Review: Jurassic Park
Review: Shinobi (3DS)


Preview: Darksiders II
Preview: Ninja Gaiden 3 is bloody fun

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PS Vita designer wants a thinner machine
Rumor: Microsoft Points to be phased out of Xbox Live
QuakeCon 2012 dated
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FIFA Street to get its own in-game social network
Hitman franchise gets a new novel
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Pharaoh Man looks beast on the Mega Man #13 variant cover
Two slick new Metroid figures open for pre-order
Jam to some alien chiptune sex with C-jeff’s Preschtale
First OC ReMix album of 2012 shows love to unsung RPGs

Here’s a new batch of screenshots for Disgaea 3 on Vita
CoD Elite trailer shows you how to disappoint your mom
Here’s a whole bunch of new art and screens for NeverDead
Death is eternal in new Darksiders II trailer
New League of Legends patch adds Skynet

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