The Daily Hotness: Sad walrus

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Aw look at the poor little walrus! It’s so sad.

Jim reviewed Splinter Cell: Conviction, our PAX East contest winner brought us a Two Worlds II interview, win some shirts from 1UP shirts, a new Mario power-up was revealed, GameStation stole your soul, No More Heroes HD did pretty well in Japan and more happened on 04/16/10.

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Talking Two Worlds II with narrative director Devon Smith
Friday Night Fights: Conviction edition


E for Effort: Hacking and coughing
Community blogs of 04/16/10
Forum of the day: Your Prized Possession

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Sam & Max in The Penal Zone

Planet MiniGolf offers a lot for a small price

Win some shirts from 1UP shirts!
24-hour contest time GO: Plain Sight (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 sells twice as many as 360 version
Child discovers marijuana in used game case
No Doubt wins minor victory in suit against Activision
Europe getting Demon’s Souls Black Phantom Edition
We could have had a Chicken Suit in New Super Mario Wii
Nintendo planned to spend $2 million marketing Earthbound
GameStation claimed 7,500 customer souls in experiment
EA blasts Activision for ‘shooting a racehorse’ in IW
Boy banned from videogames, sledgehammers father to death
No More Heroes 2 on sale at Amazon today
Prinny gets a $0.10 DLC upgrade, a possessed radish
Sony won’t reimburse retailers for OtherOS PS3 refunds
Gran Turismo to be ‘totally different’ from Prologue
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: Uncut in US, cut in Japan
Insomniac: Infinity Ward sackings are ‘horrifying’
Breaking: Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010, via BoneTown devs
Hell yeah, Cloud Mario!
Conviction developer: Ubisoft PC DRM is ‘vital’
No More Heroes HD did fine in Japan
Whoa, check out this chart on console sales
Crytek believes free demos won’t last forever
The Art of Resident Evil 5 shipping in July
For charity: Marathon of all 3D Legend of Zelda games
Supreme Commander 2 PC patch 1.11 is a big one
Conduit 2: New weapons, enemies, 4p split screen multi
Bionic Commando: Rearmed team forms Migh&Delight
NPD says Red Steel 2 flopped, Ubisoft says maybe not
Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘The Passing’ DLC slated to hit next week
LAWL: I made some Pokemon trainers
Square Enix survey asks: Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 or 360
Rockstar to put difficulty levels in Red Dead Redemption
Telltale asks, ‘What is the Mystery of Scoggins?’
PS Store releases to hit on Tuesdays starting in May

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Game Act 2 is out

EA MMA’s big and bruised men go at it in these shots
Infinity Ward has lost twelve total Modern Warfare 2 devs
Arc Rise Fantasia looks snazzy in these new screens
I don’t know where Robox came from but I want it
Want a huge load of Mario Galaxy 2 screens? HAVE THEM!

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