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The Metroid Prime to Citizen Kane comparison has been the big thing this week. Anthony elaborated the point he was trying to make on his last Rev Rant and showed us why comparing the two is ludicrous. Agree with him?

More Nathan Drake is coming from Naughty Dog, Jim compared the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Bayonetta, the new Friday Night Fights tournament kicked off today, check out the debut trailer for Rocket Knight and more happened on 10/09/09.

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Muramasa confirmed for Europe on November 13
Mass Effect 2 to be dark like the Empire Strikes Back
Persona 3 Portable adds lots of new features, drilldo
EA brings books to Nintendo DS with FLIPS
Monster’s Ball screenwriter behind Dante’s Inferno
5th Cell working on an original Xbox LIVE Arcade game
GameStop says God of War: Collection delayed, Sony denies
PSP Minis development ‘easy’ but ‘restricted’
Get ready to kill things: Borderlands goes gold
New Jak and Daxter available November 3
‘300’-dude to make music for Army of Two: the 40th Day
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Terrorize the waters in Miami Shark
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Critter Crunch launches with A Barf in the Night
New brand trailer for Darius Burst on PSP
Carnage coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
White Knight Chronicles 2 has pointy boobs, droopy boobs
New Pop’n Music Portable screens hint at story mode
See the intro to DJ Hero now, play the game this weekend
New Nostalgia DS trailer gets my wanderlust going
Jack Black tunes up in latest Brutal Legend clip
Look: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed
Well that was quick: Debut trailer for Rocket Knight
Watch The Saboteur’s Devlin do things in recent vids
Confirmed: Need for Speed: Nitro has a yellow bus
Half-Minute Hero gets an epic new trailer plus a Web site
Latest Just Cause 2 diary talks environment, antics

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