The Daily Hotness: Rage!

We reviewed Killzone 2 today. A normal person will see our score as good. A crazed fanboy will see the score, divide the number in half and hold the number in front of a mirror to see what the “true” score is. At least I think that’s how they do it. 

See why kids play videogames, Jonathan reviewed Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, the toy car pack is coming to Burnout Paradise this week, I’m buying a PS3 when God of War III comes out and plenty more happened on 03/03/09.

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Community Blogs of 03/03/09
Forum of the day: Street Fighter IV

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
Killzone 2

Warner Music no longer playing nice with Rock Band?
Buzz! creators working on new project, probably a social game
European gamers get the red Xbox 360 controller kit
Nintendo UK talks DSi holiday storm, DSi firmware updates
Guitar Hero World Tour’s March DLC: Queen, Hendrix, Bond theme, more
It sounds like even EA wants a PS3 price cut
Recently announced Wii title ExciteBots box art reveals all (Update)
Burnout Paradise “Toy Cars” downloadable content coming this Thursday
David Perry challenges Sony to say that the PSP 2 will have UMD
Nintendo UK blows off mobile gaming cold
ESA doubles number of scholarships to aspiring game designers
Inafune says 360 was crucial to breaking into the Western market
Leg drop! Legends of Wrestlemania coming to Xbox 360, PS3 on March 5
Sonic Team threatens us with more Werehog action in Sonic Unleashed 2
UK Charts: Killzone 2 is blatantly better than Halo Wars
LocoRoco 2 demo is available, also new Facebook app
Sony wants PSP to download non-PSOne retro games. Legally, that is
Peggle the new Bejeweled, coming to everything ever, XBLA this month
Practice throwing those jelly beans; A Boy and His Blob coming to the Wii
Sexy The King of Fighter XII comes to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 this summer
Consumer tracking study indicates God of War III will sell PS3s
Guerrilla Games ‘are investigating’ Killzone 2 controls
New details emerge on Punch-Out for Wii
Gibson loses patent suit against Activision over Guitar Hero

French kid stabs his sister in the name of the DS
Round 1: Ronald McDonald vs Super Mario Bros – Fight!

Nippon Ichi’s wacked out hitchiking game coming to WiiWare

New trailer shows off Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central DLC
Guitar Hero: Metallica trailers display the importance of pyrotechnics
Yakuza 3 mega-trailers show everything we’re excited about, also minigames
Wheelman dev diary has motorcycles and crazy physics

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