The Daily Hotness: Preach on CES Tweet Choir

I haven’t heard much good said of Microsoft’s CES keynote, the main issue being the presence of Ryan Seacrest. Considering I wasn’t actually present at the event, all I have is hear-say. If this performance by the Tweet Choir is any indication though… ew. 

Jim has deemed Amy wholly unfit for public consumption, Dale and Conrad have been super busy at CES, Konami’s blowing their Silent Hill load all at once this March, more developers stand up against SOPA, SEGA goofs, and more happened on 1/13/2012.

Destructoid Original: 
Destructoid’s most wanted PC games of 2012
Destructoid joins PIPA/SOPA Blackout Protest on 18th
The DTOID Show wants to know your 2012 gaming resolutions

Community blogs of 1/12
Forum thread of the day: Wanna see a terrible design?

Review: AMY

CES: Razer’s Fiona tablet plays Skyrim on ‘Ultra High’
CES: Razer’s Fiona gaming tablet is amazing, not a tablet
CES: Razer’s Blade gaming laptop looks sharp indeed
CES: 360 degree views with Wii U panorama view demo 
CES: How it feels to hold the Wii U controller
CES: Vita cloud saves and 3G functionality shown
CES: Gaming with Sony’s goofy-ass 3D space visor thing
CES: PlayStation Vita has augmented reality cards too
CES: Cross-platform Vita to PS3 Wipeout action tested
CES: Terrorists win with the Plantronics Gamecom headset
CES: PS4 finally revealed

New Medal of Honor and NFS this year, hints UK retailer
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND gets limited edition
And the WGA Videogame Writing Award nominees are…
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is still in development!
Notch: Can’t afford Minecraft? Pirate now, buy later
League of Legends developer opposes SOPA
SEGA: SOPA is generally caused by bad installs, junk data
TERA opens closed beta registration
SWTOR’s first content update is Rise of the Rakghouls
Silent Hill HD, Downpour, Book of Memories all dated
CD Projekt RED will stop pursuing Witcher 2 pirates
Amored Core V set for a March release
You have Namco’s attention, proponents of Dark Souls PC 
Get your face in Max Payne 3’s multiplayer
Good Old Games adds Worms, Superfrog, and Alien Breed
Cave shifts resources to social games
Free month of RIFT with new multi-month subscriptions
Nintendo DLC: Zen Pinball 3D, Hip Hop King, and more
The team behind Torchlight opposes SOPA
PlayStation Vita tour coming to a city near you!
Whoa! Nintendo re-releases all 50 WiiWare demos

SEGA performs a hard reset
Bear, the Skyrim chronicles

UFC Undisputed 3 has lots of men hitting each other
Meet Swan in a new Lollipop Chainsaw trailer
New XCOM: Enemy Unknown images emerge
New screens, multiplayer video, and CE for Ninja Gaiden 3
Video of the ME3 and Reckoning demo item unlocks
New NeverDead screens show more decapitation
Yahtzee’s new game takes cues from Cave Story

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