The Daily Hotness: Post PAX blues

PAX is long gone, but we still remember it all. Expect to see some PAX videos such as the Destructoid panel and pendelton21’s tattoo soon. 

We brought you some info on the PSP Minis, PS3 fanboys are the worst, we reviewed Halo 3: ODST, we’re giving away a PS3 Slim, Pokemon menstrual pad is kawaii cute and more awesome happened over the weekend.

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Halo 3: ODST
Colin McRae DiRT 2

Want to win a PS3 Slim and Watchmen Blu-Ray?

Video Games Live finally makes its way to Japan

PSPgo ships with built-in ESRB ratings
Way of the Samurai 3 coming to NA Oct. 13
Modern Warfare 2 scalpers charging obscene prices
Desperate Struggle details confirm, debunk and explain
Not working on Elite 4 is madness
Only 8% of Koei’s sales come from outside Japan
Guitar Hero 5 comfortably ahead of The Beatles: Rock Band
Cammie Dunaway to be in Shaun White 2
Vogster still intends to release Robocalypse for WiiWare
Wii price cut rumors point to September 27 drop date
Rumortoid: Yakuza 3 will be landing in the West
Scribblenauts announces a special announcement coming
Trine sequel is certainly coming


Warning: This Half-Life 2 mod will make you chuckle
Penultimate experience in gaming arrives in Love Death 4
Brighten up your period with this Pokemon menstrual pad!
Americana and Space Invaders collide
Custom made Piranha Plant is scary as sh*t!

NBA 2K10 trailer brings the hibbity hop
Flashy Avatar dev diary builds hype like whoa
APB trailer shoots, drives and dances
Elevator Action Death Parade in elevating action
Some fresh Halo 3: ODST images for your eyes to consume

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