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I don’t get what the big deal is. It’s not like it’s a Charizard.

The new year seems to be in full swing as we took a look back at our most anticipated games for last year and how they turned out, then continued to make some predictions for this year. Past that, Fraser reviewed A New Beginning, tidbits of awesomeness trickled out of MAGfest, and more happened on this fine Friday.

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A look back at 2012’s most wanted games
Friday Night Fights: How’s everybody liking their Wii U?
Destructoid’s most wanted games of 2013
This weekend on Dtoid TV: Leaving for CES 2013
What’s YOUR most anticipated game of 2013?
The DTOID Show: The Walking Dead, Bioshock & Evil Patents
The Network Roundup: MAGnificent

Community blogs of 1/4
Forum thread of the day: Let’s play Werewolf on the forums! (seriously we need some new blood)

Review: A New Beginning: Final Cut

MAGFest: Night one is over, you should be here
The Mega Manathon is running at MAGFest right now
MAGFest: Destructoid Live panel was awesome

Namco is planning a restaurant-gaming concept
Pre-owned Wii U systems can download last user’s games
BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition announced
An update for Street Fighter X Mega Man is on the way
Mutant Mudds developer shares more thoughts on 3DS piracy
Square Enix keeping its next-gen Luminous Studio in-house
The Steam Holiday Sale will continue through the weekend
The Ship developers speak out on failed Kickstarter drive
Trio of James Bond games disappear from Steam

Watch this amazing FemShep cosplay come to life

Date the Knights of the Round Table in Princess Arthur
Indie game Shu is coming in 2013, looks amazing
A new DmC: Devil May Cry trailer appears
War for the Overworld brings back Dungeon Keeper gameplay
Hope springs eternal: First look at MLB 13 The Show

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