The Daily Hotness: Pokemon madness!

Today’s episode of the Destructoid show was extra special thanks to all of the loving we gave to Pokemon. Ever wanted to know which Pokemon your favorite Destructoid writers would kill, f*ck and eat? Now you know!

Jim does an unboxing video the right way, Storm’s Adventures returns, with a Mr. Destructoid lookalike beanie, you can sponsor a Destructoid party at PAX East, The Legend of Zelda turned 25-years-old and more happened on 2/21/11.

Destructoid Originals:
New Destructoid Show: Pokestructoid Pokeresident’s Day!
New releases: Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, de Blob 2 and more
Swagtacular: Unboxing Killzone 3 Helghast Edition
Storm’s Adventures: Storm is turning Japanese…Again
Will the Uncharted film turn its back on the games?
Live show: Mash Tactics plays Nier
Backlog begins Series 6 and Spy Fiction tonight!

Community blogs of 2/21/11
Forum thread of the day: PAX East 2011

Win this Hot Topic hat that looks like Mr. Destructoid
Win your own bag of Killzone 3 army men!

Preview: Top Spin 4 (Player Creator, Career, more)

Want to party with Destructoid at PAX East?

Legend of Zelda celebrates 25th anniversary
Capcom’s Ono doesn’t want devs whining about the 3DS
Telltale wanted to take on Scott Pilgrim, was rejected
Catherine deemed too hard, patch will lower difficulty
PSA: Free Music Unlimited trial is set to auto-bill you
Cave: In Guinness Book of World Records, new games
Xenogears comes to PSN this week
Platinum Games’ Inaba: It’s not East vs West game devs
Crytek: Crysis 2 leaked build is a really ugly version
Two Worlds III planned for 2012
Peter Molyneux to receive the BAFTA fellowship
Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC might be on the Horizon
Nintendo DLC: Faxanadu, a fire place, and more
Geohot: Don’t blame me for PSN cheats, gimme some money
Bethesda wants you to name your baby Dovahkiin
Minecraft officially headed to iPad, iPhone this year
Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows SDK to arrive this spring
Blizzard ‘committed’ to finishing Marketplace
Kinect boxing match leads to police murder raid
Xbox Live discounts are all about Tom Clancy this week
Neat built-in 3DS StreetPass games and options detailed

Let Albert Wesker answer your missed calls
New shirt at TeeFury puts Mjöllnir in Hammer Bro’s hands
Details on the Love Plus Visa credit card
Playable Angry Birds birthday cake
2 Player Production’s Minecraft documentary
The beautiful piano arrangements of WaltzForLuma
Watch Will Wright’s favorite YouTube videos

Risen 2: Dark Waters rising to consoles, PC
Saints Row 3 promo pics reveal Holiday 2011 launch date
Dynamic infestation takes root in Natural Selection 2
Check out Shogun 2’s multiplayer options, awesome hats
Adventure Time gaming-themed episode delights the mind
Warriors: Legends of Troy brings the bosses & cutscenes

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