The Daily Hotness: Pokemon abuse

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Best shirt ever? Videogame wise, yeah, this Pokemon abuse shirt is pretty awesome.

The new Monthly Musing theme is up, Fat Princess is blatantly better than Feminism, Samit checked out A Boy and His Blob, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming to the DS, Crimson Skies 2 could happen and plenty more awesome happened on 08/03/09.

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A Boy and His Blob

Show us your favorite gaming shirts and win Glitch apparel!

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort owns Britain’s soul
Nintendo DSi receiving Facebook photo app update today
Snooker finally comes to the Wii in WSC Real 09
Man gets two years and fined $96,000 for DS piracy
Mothership Zeta launches on Xbox LIVE
Miyamoto: Rivals face ‘big challenge’ with motion control
Crimson Skies 2 could happen, FASA founder has ‘plans’
Sony says ‘girlz play too’ and LocoRoco is a girly game
Miyamoto focuses on recession-friendly games
Sony allows Impact, others, to produce LBP toys and such
R-Type Dimensions price reduced, now 800 Microsoft Points
Rumor: Taylor Swift, Adam Levine in Band Hero
DS title Easy Piano gets a one-octave keyboard controller
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized uncovered for DS
Hackers have taken over Call of Duty 4 on PS3
Call of Duty Classic ‘eventually’ heading for XBLA, PSN
Heavy competition for Holiday ’09 has titles moving to 2010
How to make 1 million dollars before your balls drop
Virtual Console releases: OMG SEX GAME
Shatter’s fantastic soundtrack available for download
Money at mouth: Videogame betting Web site
GameStop new perks?: Free trials, personal shoppers
WipEout HD: Now with intrusive, sluggish advertising!
The Game Blame: Games blamed for vitamin D deficiency
Batman: Arkham Asylum demo slated for this Friday
Paid level downloads coming to LittleBigPlanet PSP
A slick solution to the instrument compatibility conundrum

Geek chic: Real life Pokemons
Ghost N Zombies: new for the Colecovision (not kidding)


The first Sims 3 expansion, ‘World Adventures,’ revealed
Capcom announces Monster Hunter Tri for Wii in US, Europe
Have some pretty RPG eyecandy: Magna Carta 2 screens
Get an erection in seconds! Watch Bayonetta video
Best viral ever: Everyone loves WET
Chainsaws and blood: Fairytale Fights has these things

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