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So, as we thought they would, Sony used their event today to announce the PlayStation 4. There’s tons of information about it, but I think I’m most excited about how the remote play will work with Vita. I’m excited.

Today, we had a bunch of features about what we hoped the PS4 would be, as well as pitfalls to watch for (all before the actual announcements were made). Also, Keith interviewed Criterion’s Alex Ward, Daniel continues his feature on the trends of the generation, and there were, the ACIII DLC was reviewed, and of course, all the PS4 coverage you could shake a stick at.

Destructoid Originals:
Reviews Elsewhere: Crysis 3
Trends of this Generation: Digital distribution
The best way to rescue civilians in Revengeance
PlayStation 4: Our hopes, fears and predictions
PlayStation 4 launch vs. reality: Don’t believe the hype
Most Wanted marks Criterion Games’ return to Nintendo
Essential tips for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Community blogs of 2/20
Forum thread of the day: PS4 – Get discussing

Review: Assassin’s Creed III: The Infamy

BlizzCon is back on, returns this November
Nintendo added as an exhibitor for gamescom 2013

PlayStation 4 Announcements:
This is the press line for tonight’s Sony meeting
Watch today’s PlayStation conference (on replay)
Sony shows off Unreal Engine 4 during the PS4 event
PS4: Digital titles playable AS they download
Sony reveals DualShock 4
Knack announced for PS4
Gaikai CEO announces instant streaming through the PS4
PlayStation 4 social features revealed
PS Vita to be ‘ultimate companion device’ for PS4
Killzone: Shadow Fall announced for PS4!
PS4 has cloud-based backwards compatibility
Evolution Studios announces DriveClub for the PS4
Blow’s The Witness will be a timed exclusive on PS4
inFamous: Second Son announced for PS4
Quantic Dream using PS4 to advance ugly man technology
Capcom debuts a new engine and new PS4 game ‘Deep Down’
Media Molecule realizing PlayStation Move’s potential
Square Enix confirms new Final Fantasy game for PS4
Square Enix shows Luminous Engine at Sony event
Blizzard announces Diablo III on the PS3 and PS4
Sony officially announce PlayStation 4 for holiday 2013!
Watch Dogs coming to PlayStation 4
Destiny launching on PlayStation 4 with exclusive content
Here’s all the news from today’s PlayStation 4 reveal
Oddworld developer announces PS4 title
Sony stock dives after PS4 reveal [Update 2]
More details on the PlayStation 4 Eye and DualShock 4
These are just some of the third-parties working with PS4
Relive the most awkward moment from tonight’s PS4 event
A visual recap of the first PlayStation 4 games announced
PS4 Megaton: Tameem Antoniades loses the DmC Dante hair
DualShock 4 as a steering wheel in PS4 game DriveClub

PlayStation may have just sent $10 to your PSN account
Study: Gamers have more control over their dreams
Piracy turns indie game into an overnight success
2K Sports couples NBA 2K13 with MLB 2K13
Ubisoft games get a fairly hefty discount on Wii U eShop
EA + Tabloid = Half-naked woman in Crysis 3 bodypaint
F-Zero on the Wii U eShop will run at 60Hz
Resident Evil 6 multiplayer DLC now available on PS3
Sony: PS Vita sales a little behind, price was a hurdle
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition finally comes to Mac
Activision expects to have fewer licensed games this year
Free-to-play Kingdom Hearts browser game called X[chi]
Green Man Gaming has XCOM: EU for $16 right now
Early 2014 release scheduled for Murdered: Soul Suspect
Planescape: Torment spiritual successor gets a name
WWE 2K14 in development at Visual Concepts and Yuke’s
Watch Dogs officially confirmed for Wii U
Why can’t 3DS be as successful here as in Japan?

China gets a League of Legends restaurant

Here’s the new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
DmC: Devil May Cry’s Vergil DLC launches in March
Path of Exile announces its first Race Season
Shin Megami Tensei IV gets release date, special 3DS XL
Humble Bundle Mojam 2 is going on right now
High-res shots of the DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Eye

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