The Daily Hotness: Play as Mr. Destructoid!

Aww, snap! Mr. Destructoid is a playable character in Raskulls. Check him being all sorts of awesome in the video above that was created by our own Rey Gutierrez!

Anthony has a counterpoint to Mass Effect 2, Ben checked out Darwinia+, get your PAX East tickets soon, Dante’s Inferno will be getting some co-op, the BioShock 2 special edition is nuts and more happened on 02/02/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid 136: iPads and NPC death
Once Upon a Pixel: Metal Gear: Worlds of Power
Counterpoint: Mass Effect 2
Mr. Destructoid returns to videogames in Raskulls!


Community blogs of 02/02/10
Forum of the day: The first game you will purchase in 2010

Wizarding world in plastic: Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4
Double the pleasure, double the fun with Darwinia+

Get your PAX East tickets before it’s too late!


PSA: Chime hits XBLA this week
Japanese The Last Guardian site goes live, is a tease
Darksiders might not be selling so f*ck you in advance
Final Fantasy XIII 360 will ship on three DVDs
No prone coming to Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Rumor: PSPgo set to have a relaunch?
Guitar-controlled platformer Fret Nice hits PSN this week
Dante’s Inferno DLC details leaked: Mission maker, co-op
Crysis 2 details emerge, best looking console game evarz!
Tecmo Koei delays Quantum Theory and Trinity to TBA
UFC Undisputed is both a ‘Platinum’ and a ‘Greatest’ hit
DDR Universe 3 available on Games on Demand
Walmart, Best Buy’s used game kiosks to cease operations
Iwata: Wii 2 needs more than HD
Nintendo’s Iwata denies DS2 motion sensing comment
PS3 code found buried within Mass Effect 2
Namco Bandai posts huge losses, fires 10% of its staff
F5! F5! Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands Web site opens
NBA 2K10 sells 2 million, brings back Mike Wang for 2K11
Sega releases a new motion-controlled console
Indie game Cut & Paste lets you kill a mummy with the sun
Best Buy and GameStop doing BioShock 2 midnight launches
Borderlands PC update 1.21 fixes things
White Knight Chronicles to launch with DLC
Final Fantasy XIV revealed for Xbox 360, PC
PopCap won’t ditch iPhone support for iPad development
NBA 2K10 sells 2 million, brings back Mike Wang for 2K11

Monster Hunter Frontier Online screenshots LOOK AT THEM!
NieR hits Japan April 22 with bonus item (also, screens)
After Burner Climax console version: Just like arcade
Screens from the Dante’s Inferno Super Bowl commercial
Beyonce, Style Savvy, behind the scenes… yup
New trailer for The Secret World tastes like zombie
2K unboxes BioShock 2 special edition, silliness occurs
I’d kill for Mass Effect 2’s Blood Dragon Armor
Project Needlemouse soundtrack teased, sounds like Sonic!

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