The Daily Hotness: PAX is going to rock your socks! (08/12/08)

Hamza is, shall we say, indisposed at the moment — so I’m filling in for him, because, y’know, us brown folk have to stick together. I can’t wait for PAX, where I’m finally going to meet him (and many of you as well!).

Speaking of PAX, the official schedule for the three-day expo is now up; it includes the Destructoid panel, which is set for 4 PM on Saturday, August 30th. Be there! In addition, a new Batman game was revealed (and I did some crazy math); Variety’s Ben Fritz called Mirror’s Edge “gimmicky”; our Devil May Cry 4 contest winner was announced; Sam’s Club offered to print updated Madden NFL 09 covers for free, along with selling the game at a discount; and tons of other stuff happened on Tuesday.

Tuesday Regulars:
The Podcastle 17 records tonight: You are excited
Game (Series) Debate to the Death! Jak & Daxter VS Sly Cooper VS Ratchet & Clank

Original Features:
Otakon ’08: Otakon’s got game
Games time forgot: Space Ace
The Great Retro Olympics!: Decathlon

PAX 2008:
PAX schedule is up and Destructoid is on it
PAX 2008: Playable Left 4 Dead confirmed

Busting makes me feel good: Hands-on with Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters
Donde estan mis zapatos?: Your TNA iMPACT! career starts in Mexico

Contest: Devil May Cry 4 PC and Age of Booty contest winner announcement!
Destructoid/Blast Works contest winners announced

Sega: We ain’t got no Yu Suzuki round these parts, stranger
New Xbox 360 dashboard leaked in video form
‘Namby pamby’ patches coming for PixelJunk Eden and Monsters
The Magic Roundabout brings its drug addled absurdity to videogames
Street Figher Alpha heading to PSN this Thursday
Captain Obvious: XBLA needs better categorization
Sam’s Club will print new Madden 09 cover for you
In-game advertiser: We’re not evil, promise!
Buyer beware: These are the abandoned Xbox LIVE games
Nintendo still owns European sales charts
Gearbox: Feelings more important than Length … or so I told my girlfriend
Doom II remix album released by OverClocked ReMix
NPD Group: 22 percent of gamers are young and heavy
A bit of gaming history: EA reverse engineered its own Genesis devkit
Variety: Mirror’s Edge ‘gimmicky’ and Gears is ‘so 1.5’
UK watchdog wants Mad World banned
EA announces Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Even Link has an iPhone 3G: Silly product placement added to videogames
Eidos’ Batman: Arkham Asylum revealed (Update)
Want Siren:Blood Curse on disc? Not coming anytime soon
The Dark Knight custom 360, yours for a mere $1200
Shocker: Yu Suzuki still works at Sega; meanwhile, sky continues to be blue
Team Fortress 2 Heavy update detailed and dated
More Z-list ‘celebrities’ infect EA’s FaceBreaker
Obsessed with Braid? Papercraft your favorite characters into reality
Mega Man 9 achievements and boss sprites revealed in glorious black and white
Final Fantasy XI boss causes vomiting, takes 18 hours to beat
Diablo III won’t be the last Diablo game ever made

New Velvet Assassin screens released, second chance to find Nazi gold revealed
New Yggdra Union screenshots and details

Trailers & Videos:
New LittleBigPlanet Amazon trailer causes outbreak of ‘awwwwwr’
Pokemon Platinum trailer looks a lot like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Instant Replay: Civilization

Samit Sarkar