The Daily Hotness: Party time

Time to party Florida! Next week, Destructoid is holding a huge Miami NARP at the Florida International University. The event is free and we’re going to have several tournaments going on with some nice prizes. Check out the announcement post for more details.

Anthony talks to the creator of Gish, Dale gets nerdy with the producer off KORG DS-10, we need your help picking winners for the Blitz II contest, someone’s already reached the level 80 cap in WoW, and plenty more happened on 11/14/08.

Friday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! episode 67: Retro heroines
Indie Nation #40: Fantastic Blood Boy
Friday Night Fights: Left 4 Dead edition
Art Attack Friday: Brawl in the Family
The Week in Rock Band DLC: Dead Kennedys, Mission of Burma, Lacuna Coil

Destructoid interview: Edmund McMillen, creator of tar balls and evil vaginas
Destructoid interview: KORG DS-10 producer Nobuyoshi Sano

The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity

Destructoid Florida: The Dtoid Miami NARP revealed – it’s huge!

Tonight. Midnight. Three people win money and a chance to murder Reaprar
BTL II/PS3 contest voting: we can’t decide, so you must!

Breaking: Codemasters acquires 50 Cent developer, not Monumental
Sega clears up Sonic Unleashed release date issue
Halo 3: Recon probably won’t be $60
New study allowed kids to play Manhunt
For those about to ROCK, check this list and see if your guitars will work first
Reggie Fils-Aime says no Wii successor on the way anytime soon
PS3 wireless keypad delayed a few weeks
SqEx: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is not dead
Only in Japan: Famista features wanted murderers in a computer game
The Killers Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour officially announced, priced
Faith from Mirror’s Edge gets the papercraft treatment
October NPD: The holiday ramp-up
More NXE preview invites have been sent
Fils-Aime: Nintendo will focus on user-generated content in future
Jason Rohrer’s new game, Between, is out
Wave goodbye to Brash Entertainment and try not too look too happy about it
Insomniac CEO talks multiplatform, but still loves Sony
Zapper headed to Xbox Originals on November 17, for some reason
Madness: Toy cars in store for Burnout Paradise
Hide your R4 cards: three Japanese R4 sellers busted!

More proof of LittleBigPlanet for your PSP?

Wrath of the Lich King level cap reached in 27 hours

My World My Way, the RPG with life lessons for little girls
Necrovision is not a WWII shooter
Street Fighter IV dated in the US, also Gouken
Latest Mines of Moria developer diary all about being faithful

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