The Daily Hotness: Parkour fail

Well, on the bright side, now she can get that nose job she’s always wanted!

It’s been a pretty quiet Monday, but nevertheless, Dale asked what you found annoying in online multiplayer, Jim wrote a letter to the ESA, there’s already a Genesis emulator on the PS Vita, and more happened on 1/2/2012.

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Art Juice: The Ultimate Videogame Protagonist
An open letter to the ESA
Q: Name one annoying thing about online multiplayer
Live Show: Mash Tactics battles through X-Men: Destiny

Community blogs of 1/2
Forum thread of the day: Nom nom, glug glug: Food&Drink Appreciation Thread

Hot GameStop PS Vita doc: Gravity Rush at launch!
A look ahead at Terry Cavanagh’s forthcoming games
Abobo’s Big Adventure will donkey punch you on January 11
New rumor pins the Wii U as being an e-reader
It’s not too late to sign up for the Dust 514 closed beta

Genesis emulator running on the PS Vita makes us 0_o
Mineways is here to help you print Minecraft models in 3D
Fake Mega Man 2 HD welcomes you to the World of Tomorrow
Flags are added to new Reach figures because why not?

Screenshot confirms M. Bison and Xiaoyu for SF X Tekken
Longing for an iOS gamepad? 60beat would like a word
Orc Attack’s orcs attack with colon explosions

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