The Daily Hotness: Paper Crashers (09/10/08)

I’d like to talk about the awesome fan created Castle Crashers art that Colette posted earlier, but every time I think of Castle Crashers, I just think of the Castle Crashers porno that’s currently the top featured movie on Newgrounds right now. My mind, it has been f*cked. 

We review Spore, Mark Hamill will voice the Joker in Arkham Asylum, we may never see the classic Capcom/Disney titles come to the Virtual Console, Spore is the devil, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

Destructoid review:

Hands-on with Nyko’s new Wing controller for the Wii

Mark Hamill to reprise his role as voice of The Joker in Arkham Asylum game
Is this what we can expect to see in future Castle Crashers DLC?
Ultra-violent MadWorld is ‘at home’ on the Wii?
Kane & Lynch director talks about critical savagery
GTA blamed for sex criminal’s attacks
Xbox 360 not ambitious enough for LittleBigPlanet in its current form
Battered economy doesn’t affect Xbox, claims Microsoft
Producer talks Dead Space middleware, also EA enjoys money
Guilty Gear dev prefers Xbox 360 development
PS3 DVR is DRM-free?
It’s ‘almost too late’ for Japanese games to match Western ones
All Ubisoft in-house titles will now include subtitles
Morrisons is selling games ridiculously cheap
New games downloaded to Xbox 360 HDD will have ‘relatively small’ gains
Resistance 2 multiplayer beta applications available [Update]
GameStop Expo rumor rundown
PlatinumGames’ Inaba on appealing to the Western audience
Fracture demo for Xbox 360, PS3 coming next week
Ken Levine says he got threats regarding BioShock PC copy protection issue
Update: first details emerge from Famitsu on Phantasy Star Zero DS
Capcom says Disney classic titles not likely to come to VC
Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil confirmed for Dissidia
SingStar ABBA is SingStar with ABBA
Warriors Orochi 2 coming to the PSP: I am excited, so shut up
Malaysia finally receiving the PS3
Stop putting sh*t on the Wii, suggests Codemasters
Kojima thinks hype is a bad thing: Yes, we all get the irony
Oh, the humanity! Samurai Shodown II on XBLA is actually 800 MS Points, not 400
Microsoft to open new dev studio in Ensemble’s wake

An English Shin Megami Tensei MMO? Don’t tease

Castle Crashers fans get creative with sneakers, papercraft and more
Sssh! Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer comes to DS, PC
Golden Axe screens: Now with ogre-mounted duels!

Culdcept DS is on the CARDS … ha ha … just watch the damn trailer
New Disaster: Day of Crisis trailers and details
NBA 2K9 teaser number three ends with a Kevin Garnett cliffhanger

Is Spore the work of Satan? One Christian thinks so

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