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CBlogs of 10/09/2008 + Sykisms

New picks banner comes courtesy of the excellent Nintendoll who has your recaps on Friday. Here's what made today while I could stay awake.

S - Worthy news, but Jim got there first
S - There's slow, and then there's really slow
S - Afraid Justice got there first
F - Reaprar said this guy took an hour to write this, it took me 2 minutes to read and I want them back
F - This is about 6,000,000 years old in internet time.
F - Using a generic painkiller instead of morphene is not censorship
F - Was there ever a point to this blog?
F - Go plug your crap podcast somewhere else


There isn't much time for gaming when I'm trying to keep on top of these. However there is a lot of time to watch my sister playing Viva Pinata 2 for FIVE HOURS. I've never been attracted to sandbox games really, I always need an objective which is why while I like Viva Pinata in so many ways I can't play it for hours on end. VP2 is rather good though, it maintains a lot of the things I liked about VP1 while just expanding on a successful format.

Also on the chopping block recently in my place is Mercenaries 2. While its certainly not as good as the first one, there's very little in my collection right now that's giving me more pleasure in hour-long bursts. Very much recommended for fans of fun so long as you have something else a bit more substantial to work on while you're not playing it.

There is lots of time to watch the moth in my front room as well. Also eat the delectable tuna i have next to me, must make myself either a sandwich or a bagel later.

Also I got R-Type for my Turbografx today. Anyone know where I could get a HuCard converter so I can play japanese games on my console? I know they exist but naturally eBay is useless for these things.

The timeless MechaMonkey is recapping tomorrow, hopefully he'll have less fail to deal with than I did. Goodnight.

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