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Holy willies, guys. We had a busy day over here on Destructoid. First, our GOTY nominations went live, and our nominations for best visuals and multiplatform game were posted. I wonder who won? I mean, they won’t even tell me. What’s up with that?

Besides our year-end lists, Allistair posted a very interesting clip of his interview with Ken Levine, Hamza went hands-on with Street Fighter X Mega Man, Jayson unboxed the Final Fantasy vinyl set, and about a gazillion other amazing things happened on 12/10/2012.

Destructoid Originals:
Final Fantasy Vinyls unboxing video 
Video: Ken Levine discusses fratboys and BioShock 
How Capcom got involved with Street Fighter X Mega Man 
The nominees for Destructoid Game of the Year 2012 
The nominees for Destructoid’s best visuals of 2012 
The nominees for Dtoid’s best multiplatform game of 2012 
The Network Roundup: Keep Trekking 

Community blogs of 12/10
Forum thread of the day: Halo 4 (page 106)

Contest: Win Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed! 

Review: Razer Electra Headset 

Hands-on with Street Fighter X Mega Man 
Preview: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel 
Preview: Lost Marbles 
Preview: Hands-on Crysis 3 single-player and Hunter Mode

Theatrhythm gets a new teaser site 
Analyst: Wii U software attach rate is 1.2 in US 
Nintendo blames Germany for dumb Wii U eShop restrictions 
Valve has been testing Dota 2 on tablets 
Pokedex for iOS launches today in US and Europe 
Amazon: Buy a PS Vita and get Zero Escape for free 
Black Knight Sword coming to PlayStation Network tomorrow 
Humble THQ Bundle now includes Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 
Sportsfriends narrowly gets funded on Kickstarter 
GameFly has XCOM and The Walking Dead for cheap on PC 

Jimquisition: Dumbing Down for the Filthy Casuals  
Merry chipWINter! Have 14 holiday-themed chiptunes! 

The Last of Us trailer, box art, and pre-order bonuses  
Cut the Rope creators dish up Pudding Monsters 
Here’s the Gears of War: Judgment campaign trailer 
Oooh! Look at Final Fantasy IV running on iOS 
Here’s the announcement trailer for Dark Souls II 
Warhorse Studios shows tech powering its next-gen RPG
VGAs: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 trailer

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