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Ashley showed off all the art she used for the pilot episode of Once Upon a Pixel. It’s so cute! And violent!

Dale not-reviewed Demon’s Soul, Jim reviewed Undead Knights, Call of Duty is getting a movie, the FTC needs to back off our Kool-Aid, Lara Croft looks hot in her Borderlands makeover and more happened on 10/05/09.

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Non-review: Why I couldn’t finish Demon’s Souls
The art of Once Upon a Pixel: BioShock
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Nothing is sacred: The taking of life
Community blogs of 10/05/09
Forum of the day: Do you EVER read the game manual?

Undead Knights

Game Informer’s Epic Mickey cover really IS epic (update)
Rumor: Medal of Honor going ‘modern combat’?
Nintendo DLC Update: Final Fantasy, tanks, and words
Mastiff teams with Remington for gun-related fun on Wii
Tretton happy with ‘skyrocketing’ PS3 sales
Get a cat: EyePet delayed until 2010?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC pushed to November 24th
LEGO David Bowie joins LEGO Iggy in LEGO Rock Band
Alan Wake could have been done long before now
Rumor: ‘NFS: SHIFT’ PS3 Slim 250GB bundle hitting Europe
UK Charts: FIFA 10 has second biggest launch ever
Activision trademarks ‘Call of Duty’ for film
Activision defends Modern Warfare 2 price hike
Raskulls dev says you WILL believe in the teapot
Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC to be the Deal of the Week
Valve spending $25 million on Left 4 Dead 2 advertising
A new Rocket Knight game is coming to XBLA, PSN, Steam
Sim City meets Tetris in indie game City Rain
FTC demands blog disclosure, governs the Internet
World of Nintendo Tour brings creepy Mario to your town
Sega accepting fan entries for Project Diva Arcade
Dog-faced football fan suing EA for Madden likeness theft
The Getaway 3 and Eight Days not canceled
LEGO Rock Band ‘value’ priced at $49.99 for PS3, Wii, 360
Valve hires DotA: Allstars developer
Sony confirms EyePet delay for North America
Half-Minute Hero rocking the PSP’s face off October 13
Dust 514 jumps in bed with micro-transactions
Even more 3D Dot Game Heroes details!
Have some GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Achievements
PSPgo sales ‘in line with expectations’
ZEN Studios hints at Ninja Gaiden Zen Pinball table
Get your MAG recruitment kit and poster at…7-Eleven
Xbox 360 ‘N’ adapter dated, price at $99.99 by GameStop
UK retailers reduce the price of the PSP Go

Modal Kombat delivers instrument controlled fighting
Mega Man Lego recreation is pretty epic


Break-dance fighting and beaches in the Crystal Bearers
The Saboteur smacks a Nazi, rides a train in new screens
Artist gives Lara Croft a Borderlands-like makeover
Gran Turismo 5: Screens of exotics look crazy good
LIT comes to PAL regions this October 30th

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