The Daily Hotness: Oops, a dead Link!

If you happen to get an error page on the site of app developer PixiApps, you are treated to this rather clever 404 message. Cute! This is the kind of stuff that Chad Concelmo digs up when he should be working his day job!

Today, Namco Bandai and Destructoid will bring the gift of chicken and waffles to PAX East, a whole bunch of games will be on display on the PAX show floor, Tyrone Rodriquez of Nicalis says naughty things about Hideo Kojima, Denis Dyack thinks used software and not his own sh*tty games is what’s killing the industry, we review The Fancy Pants Adventures and Warriors Orochi 3, and nobody knows when Super Mario Bros. was actually released.

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Podtoid records today and you can ask us things!
Come party with Namco and Destructoid at PAX East!
Live show: WTF? Wii games on Mash Tactics
The DTOID Show: Orbis, SimCity 5, and Max Payne 3!
The Network Round-Up: Something on a Stick Day

Community blogs of 3/28
Forum thread of the day: The good times.

Review: The Fancy Pants Adventures (iOS)
Review: Warriors Orochi 3

Borderlands 2 will be at PAX East! (Update)
See Assassin’s Creed III in action at PAX East
PAX: Get bacon bracelets at the Super MNC booth
YAY! Super Time Force will be playable at PAX East
Harmonix has a brand new game on display at PAX East

One Hundred Person Battle Bomberman is a cruel joke
Fatshark’s Krater will make a hole in my wallet
Wakfu gets a content update and new zones
Cave Story port guy says Kojima is ‘terrible’
PC players ‘need a controller’ for Assassin’s Creed III
ESRB censors the red on Risen 2 box art
Dyack: used games threaten the industry as we know it
Rumor: Details on Sony’s next console, ‘Orbis’
Steam adds Age of Empires Online
You’ll need online access in order to play SimCity
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron out August 28
Class of Heroes 2 turns to Kickstarter for localization
Tokyo Jungle’s animal outfits are too much
Not a cruel joke: Fez to hit XBLA on April 13
Nobody knows when Super Mario Bros. came out in the US?

Final Fantasy VII demonstrates why words are stupid
Jimquisition: Konami
I say, old bean! Embrace the arcade stick of old

Virtue’s Last Reward gets box art, potential release date
Rockstar offers first look at Max Payne 3’s multiplayer

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