The Daily Hotness: Once Upon a Katamari

Ashley Davis showed off all the artwork that went into the last week’s episode of Once Upon a Pixel. The new episode was on Katamari Damacy and it was presented in a very dark, graphic novel style. The King of All Cosmos is a dick!

Jurassic: The Hunted lets you punch raptors in the face, check out the good times DtoidUK had at Eurogamer, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker heading to Virtual Console, Resident Evil 5’s Alternate Edition missions will be DLC, EA buys Playfish and plenty more happened on 11/09/09.

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker heading to Virtual Console
Unsurprisingly, Activision trademarks ‘Drum Hero’
Kweh! Check out the Final Fantasy XIII Chocobos
GameStop justifies Modern Warfare 2 street date break
Aion nearing 1 million sales, NCsoft doing well
Let the Modern Warfare 2 UK price war … BEGIN!
Amazon has Dissidia as Deal of the Day
UK Charts: Wii Fit Plus takes its ‘rightful’ place
Valve explains why L4D2 mods on Xbox 360 ‘can’t’ work
BioWare gets butthurt over story criticism
Creator talks ten years of Asheron’s Call, future of MMOs
Atkinson: Games give you points for raping mothers
Killzone 3 ‘confirmed’ on Dutch TV, Guerrilla denies all
Resident Evil 5’s Alternate Edition missions will be DLC
EA buys Playfish for HUGE MONEY
Borderlands ‘Zombie Island’ DLC launches November 24
Modern Warfare 2 PC version locked out until launch day
1 vs. 100 is coming out of retirement on November 19
British politicians argue over Modern Warfare 2
Oops: ‘Tales of Vesperia Wii’ is actually Tales of Graces
MAG beta rolls out new features today
EA cuts jobs, scraps over a dozen game projects
Plan on seeing Criterion’s Need for Speed game next year
The StarCraft II beta won’t be ready until next year
EA has not forgotten about the Medal of Honor franchise
Ice-T’s got Modern Warfare 2, do you? 

Now you can buy an official BioShock EVE Hypo
The Street Fighter IV WTF blanket

Nintendo DLC: Excitebike, Frogger, Electroplankton
Video of Alan Wake demo is shaky, blurry…not on purpose
Reserve Divinity II, get some fancy pants
Two Worlds II trailer is … well …
Reminder: This is what Bomberman Blitz looks like
On XBLA this week: NBA Unrivaled plus two more
Totally safe for work: Tony Hawk: RIDE ‘Love Story’
Boston-based Main Drag bringing two albums to Rock Band

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