The Daily Hotness: OMG trampoline!

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This guy is far too excited to see a trampoline. Actually, I’d probably have the exact same reaction to a trampoline suddenly rolling through my front yard.

Apparently Resident Evil 6 is going to have 6-player co-op, hackers got PS3 titles to play perfectly on a PS Vita, Wesley checked out Street Fighter X Tekken and so many other awesome things happened on 1/23/2012.

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An almost interview with the Indie Game: The Movie gang
How Yorda’s uselessness ruins agency in Ico
Live show: Kinect games and giveaways on Mash Tactics
The DTOID Show: Alan Wake’s Mass House Party: The Movie

Bloggers Wanted: Location
Community blogs of 1/23
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Review: Curio
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Preview: The philosophies of Street Fighter X Tekken

Move over, SOPA: ACTA is coming to Europe (and the WORLD)
Yep, Twisted Metal is getting an online pass
Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, rated for PlayStation 3
Microsoft: 360 lineup is about quality, not quantity
Guilty Gear dev aims to make what Western devs can’t
Resident Evil 6: 6-player co-op, 8-player multiplayer
Guild Wars 2 coming later this year with betas in spring
PSVita Uncharted and Resistance to get multiplayer
PS Vita goes all Dual Shock with these grips
ESRB lists PSP games for PlayStation certified devices
Dead Space dev hiring for new online action shooter
MS dates I Am Alive, Alan Wake, Warp++ and Nexuiz
Warriors Orochi 3 releases March 20
Capcom Digital Collection gearing up for release in March
AT&T quietly updates PS Vita data plan pricing
Telltale’s Law and Order gets its fourth case, more drama

A_Rival releases TMNT 2012 EP on bandcamp
Exclusive! Single off Random’s Black Materia remix album
Diddling with a Darksiders II Death Mask
Fighterpedia demonstrates why WeaponLord ruled over all
Jimquisition: Piracy Episode 1 – Copyright
Official Mario and Zelda songbooks now available
The Game OverThinker examines the future of piracy
HBO looking to turn Indie Game: The Movie into a TV show

Kid Icarus: Uprising screens are full of monsters
PS3 hack allows Vita to run Batman: Arkham Asylum, others
New Sniper Elite V2 videos are looking good

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