The Daily Hotness: Oh Nikki…

The 3DS finally got its messaging app today and, if you’ve spent any amount of time with it, you’ve likely grown fond of Nikki, the delightfully helpful tour guide. It seems a GAF user has taken a liking to her and, well… yeah. 

It was a bit of a slow day, but we’e got some prices for the Vita’s memory cards, there’s going to be a new .hack// game (YES!), The Legend of Zelda has an official timeline, Gamestop says “sorry,” and more happened on 12/23.

Destructoid Original: 
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Forum thread of the day: 
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25 Days: Win Deus Ex: HR, Dungeon Siege III and DLC! 

GameStop apologizes for Last Guardian ‘cancellation’ 
Teaser website points to a new .hack game
The official Legend of Zelda timeline revealed
E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is just $2.49 on Steam
Zynga does NOT top Facebook’s list of top ten games
Hmm: Vita memory cards are cheaper than expected
A rift appears in Trion Worlds’ account database
‘Gun-like’ Avatar items to be banned from Xbox Live soon
Look at the US Army’s Dismounted Soldier Training System
What’s this Dreadnought doing in this Space Marine image?

New cooking show makes videogame food a reality
Assassin’s Creed musical features child murder
More Battlefield fun with Corridor Digital & Freddie Wong
Sonic and friends adorn this Christmas tree

Star War: The Old Republic gets crazy flash mob promotion

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