The Daily Hotness: Oh it’s the Juggernaut!

His suit’s so tight! Don’t you know who the f**k he is?! Beat your ass, Charles! You ready?! You ready?! YOU READY?! 

The Mr. Destructoid figure is almost here, stop talking about BlazBlue, Ben checked out Borderlands, the Dark Void figure looks pretty cool, Scribblenauts swag is pretty hot and more awesome happened 07/28/09.  

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Community blogs of 07/28/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Forum Discusses: Mature Games

The King of Fighters XII


Confirmed for GamesCon: Kojima, Molyneux

Silicon Knights ‘working on several exciting projects’
Rumor: NinjaBee compilation disc coming to 360 this fall
Splinter Cell, Red Steel 2 delay ‘a question of polish’
Impressive Sonic CD port for iPhone being pitched to Sega
Bionic Commando PC finally hits retail, Steam
Gears of War 2’s ‘Dark Corners’ and ‘All Fronts’ DLC out now
Street Fighter IV, MadWorld, and more get dropped to $19.99
David Perry: Cloud-based Gaikai a ‘wet dream’ for investors
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again comes to Wii on August 11th
Viacom spanked by poor Rock Band sales
Marvelous’ Wada: Lack of originality has gamers leaving
Heavenly Sword developer looking for a few good interns
Rumortoid: Star Ocean: The Last Hope coming to PS3?
EyePet hits this holiday
Calling all modders: Zeno Clash’s SDK is now available
First wave of NXE Preview Program codes sent
Red Faction: Guerrilla reaches one million units shipped
Uncharted 2 won’t require an installation
New DualShock 3 colors will brighten game rooms in October

Dark Void looks cool, but this Dark Void figure is cooler

Darkest of Days gets box art with a volcano on it
Champions Online pre-order choices aplenty
New videos show SMT: Strange Journey in action
Alpha Protocol: buy guns and grow beards in safehouses
Juggernaut is strong, can hurt people in MUA 2
Pre-order Scribblenauts and get Maxwell’s ‘rooster hat’
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Ryu and Momiji co-op video
Create players early: 2K announces NBA 2K10 Draft: Combine
Atlus’ Persona site updated: New music, videos, and more

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