The Daily Hotness: Obama’s Elf

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This poor elf shares the same sentiment we’ve all felt at some point in our lives. I mean, who really wants to be Obama’s Elf? No one, that’s who. Hearing the pain in his voice as he longs to be something else truly tears me up inside. We’ll get you out of there soon enough Obama’s Elf. Until then, you hang in there and sing your damn heart out.

A stunning gameplay video for a canceled Avengers game surfaced, DC Universe Online is going free-to-play, the ESRB makes Skyrim sound even more awesome and lots of other exciting things happened on 9/19/11.

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Tokyo Game Show:
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII announced

Sony: PS Vita firmware updates won’t suck like the PS3’s
Starbreeze teams with film director for new IP
Netflix rebrands DVD service as Qwikster, adds games
Visceral Studios Melbourne closes its doors
ESRB: Skyrim has excessive drinking, heart-whores
Patch for PC Battlefield: Bad Company 2 incoming
DC Universe Online set to go free-to-play in October
Gears of War 3 has 21 weapon skins to buy at launch
Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s boss fights were outsourced
Free-to-play Hellbreed is NOT about demon sex
Call of Duty Elite beta for PlayStation 3 starts today
2011 GDC Online Awards announced
Smedley: Free-to-play is the future
Day-one AC: Revelations PS3 copies include original game
Chrono Trigger and FFVI on PSN was an error; false alarm

The Jimquisition: Online Passes Are Bad For Everybody
Porn stars play games topless, because why not?

NeverDead gets a balls-mental trailer
Have another sexy Aliens: Infestation trailer!
The neat-looking Avengers game that could have been
Dragon Age II DLC coming in October
Blacklight Retribution dev diary shows the excited team

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