The Daily Hotness: No means yes and yes means anal!

Today, Anthony looked at how brilliant MadWorld’s audio commentary is. I haven’t been able to stop quoting the game since I first played it. Well, I just keep saying the anal quote actually. I really do need to pick up MadWorld again. It’s fun in short spurts, kind of like anal!

The new Monthly Musing topic is up, Auron is your badass of the month, Dale reviewed Tokyo Beat Down, the new Silent Hill won’t have combat, a new Wolverine trailer was released and plenty more happened on 04/02/09.

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Community Blogs of 04/03/09
Forum of the day: I bought a game which each host recommended

Rhythm Heaven
Tokyo Beat Down

Win some Godfather II swag
We have TEN Zeno Clash codes to give away!

New games are better than sex, claim two thirds of men
PSA: Xbox 360 system update doesn’t do much
THQ already eyeing more Red Faction, Darksiders titles
Funcom offering Age of Conan free trials
Gears 2 boss loves Killzone 2, wants to have sex with it
PS3 system software v2.70 is out
Konami to publish Saw game for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix hits Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 8
Uh oh: Bayonetta to be ‘sadistically’ hard
Nintendo announces DSiWare launch lineup(girls not included)
Despite loss of publisher, Firefly’s Dungeon Hero lives on
Activision wants Modern Warfare 2 to sell sh*tloads
Left 4 Dead’s matchmaking getting a few welcome additions
New Silent Hill Wii has no combat, should appeal to cowards
Size matters, proclaims Nvidia’s ION platform
Fils-Aime is a ‘big Mother fan,’ game still not coming out
Ex-Bungie dev: Killzone 2 could be done on Xbox 360
Street Fighter Alpha most popular downloadable PSN game
Would you pay a monthly fee for MMOs on the Xbox 360?
Frowny Face: Puzzle platformer Steal Princess delayed
Crytek tested the videogame streaming waters
PS3 easier to develop for, claim Killzone 2 devs
G4TV needs another slut

Blood Bowl hitting DS, we post screenshots of this thing
New Roogoo screens for DS and Wii are awfully cute
More info on Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man
Jinkies: Scooby-Doo! First Frights announced
These League of Legends screens look familiar

New Plants vs Zombies trailer jams out with music video
Interactive Killzone 2 commercial available (Update)
FUEL has 70 vehicles, here are a handful of them
Nice ‘burns: X-Men Wolverine vid is visually impressive

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