The Daily Hotness: No cake for you

Anthony and Ashley recapped their adventures at PAX 09. Ashley also drew up some awesome drawings!

We found out what Needlemouse: The Emerald Hills is all about, Samit reviewed NHL 10, Storm adventured his way through Saints Row 2, Ben checked out The Warriors and more rad stuff happened on 09/14/09.

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NHL 10
Contra ReBirth

The Warriors: Street Brawl

Win free copies of Xbox 360 flight sim IL-2 Sturmovik!

HBO could be sharpening fangs for True Blood game
Disney producer lets Tron Legacy game slip
Wikipedia orders Tecmo to stop editing its Wikipedia page
Game Informer hints at upcoming ‘Epic Mickey’ reveal
UK Charts: Kurt Cobain shoots his way up the chart
Lode Runner’s price slashed to 800 Microsoft Points
Bomberman exploding onto DSiWare
Yakuza 4 teaser site points to TGS unveiling
China ripping off Pokemon, Digimon and Naruto in new show
Free Batman: Arkham Asylum maps arriving on Thursday
Bubble Bobble Neo!, C&C Commander’s Challenge on XBLA
Analysts predict Wii sales will continue to drop
EA wants you to play Command & Conquer 4 online
Wii Nintendo Channel gets makeover, Nintendo Week series
Fun was had at the Scribblenauts launch event
Halo 3: ODST two-disc soundtrack coming next week
Crazy ass Guitar Hero 5 world record set in Italy
Old rockers drop hate on music games
Atari said no, but …GameStop lists Ghostbusters for PSP
First screens of Zombie Tycoon are suprisingly good
Inafune wonders: Could Capcom and Bungie one day team up?
Happy Kwanzaa? FF Crystal Bearers’ suicidal release date
Stealth PS3 firmware v3.01 update is live (Update)

This Scribblenauts plush is totally cute and for sale
Jack Black dresses like Eddie Riggs for the VMAs
These Super Mario fingernails make me want to vomit

This moves: first footage of 3D Dot Game Heroes
Avalanche talks vertical gameplay in Just Cause 2 video
Soldner-X sequel to shoot up PSN this Winter
WET’s Rubi isn’t big on forgiveness, but big on revenge
DJ Hero Daft Punk screens are looking incredible
Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved TGS trailer looks hot
Bonk makes fire in this Bonk: Brink of Extinction trailer
VVVVVV may have an odd name, but it sure does look fun

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