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EA sent us this box. Yeah, really.

Capybara tells us about Zombie Tactics, something big might be going down in Modern Warfare 2, Rayman coming to DSiWare, get a ten minute taste of Everybody’s Refreshment and plenty more happened on 10/27/09.

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Capybara talks its ‘next game,’ Zombie Tactics
Ten Minute Taste: Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
Podtoid 122 records tonight, is uncertain
Ten Minute Taste: Everybody’s Refreshment demo
Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Halo VS Half-Life


Building the Brutal Legend Bus: The end [photoblog]
Community blogs of 10/27/09
Forum of the day: The Mighty Double Down thread

Here’s the lucky winner of the PS3 Slim from Kia!
Reminder: Write a haiku and win some soccer balls

World at War’s map packs prices slashed until November
Microsoft doesn’t think PS3 Netflix is a big deal
Uncharted 2 DLC to come before 2010, some to be free
Assassin’s Creed 3 to be set in feudal Japan?
Rumor: Gearbox working on Xbox Live Arcade game
Aussie Steam version of Borderlands censored, 2K fixing
30% of Guitar Hero players are female (slow news day)
Brutal Legend DLC incoming: ‘Tears of Hextadon’ announced
Gearbox working on Borderlands stat-wiping bug
Rayman coming to DSiWare
Games on Demand update: Dead Space and DiRT
Banned PSN troll tries to sue Sony again … twice
Fairytale Fights DLC free for 90 days
Pachter: Netflix on Wii within a year
Ubisoft files trademark for Galaxy Racers, we shrug
Sony: 3D Dot Game Heroes ‘DEFINITELY’ coming to NA
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for five bucks? SOLD!
Rez HD, Meteos Wars, EEE on PSN ‘if the demand is there’
Metro 2033 dev focused on story, skipping multiplayer
God of War Collection on November 17, trophies detailed
Could The Who: Rock Band be on the cards?

Dude will play DJ Hero at your wedding for $75 and a meal
Kasabian Football Hero: When Guitar Hero meets soccer

‘Splosion Man: Avatar Awards, a multiplayer fix and steak
Look at this gorgeous New Super Mario Bros. Wii artwork
Bayonetta has saucy costumes, can turn into a bird
First Assassin’s Creed: Lineage short is… good!?
Car Porn: Gran Turismo 5’s Toyota FT-86 concept
Is this a Modern Warfare 2 level about (SPOILER)?
Check out the official box art for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Majesco to publish Ghostwire for DSi
These Dante’s Inferno PSP screens are needlessly huge
SPOILERS: Full game of Castlevania Rebirth on Youtube
Come watch Doc Louis take a beating

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