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Meow meow meow.

The Destructoid Comic continues on, our PAX East contest winner brought us his Two Worlds II preview, Activision and EA are battling it out, Grand Theft Auto DLC now out on the PS3 and more happened on 04/12/10.

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Two Worlds II will surprise you in a good way

MGS Peace Walker Collector’s Edition: $50, has artbook
Activision responds to Respawn Entertainment announcement
Crytek has plans for a new, free CryEngine
Left 4 Dead’s ‘Crash Course’ DLC is the Deal of the Week
Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers Facebook game incoming
Bejeweled Blitz PC demo now available
Zampella and West join EA, create Respawn Entertainment
Rumor: New studio at work on Apocalypse Now game
People Can Fly and Epic’s Bulletstorm confirmed-confirmed
New game makes diabetes slightly less horrifying
PlayStation Move’s ‘nunchuk’ device gets a name
South Korea institutes midnight ban on MMOs
Splinter Cell: Conviction special edition discounted
100-page Zelda art book scans are sure to get you excited
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier details here
Capcom knows that the West is important
Dark Void Zero drops for PC and iPhone today
Riddick assaults Dark Athena on Mac April 16th
Lindsay Lohan snubbed on the cover of Mean Girls DS
Potential Nintendo 3DS screen: Hitachi’s 3.1 inch
Kojima tweets some potential Zone of the Enders 3 hints?
More Internet-connected PS3s than Xbox 360s or Wiis in US
Zombie Driver now half price plus free Slaughter mode DLC
Kane and Lynch 2 scores some box art
Fable III co-op lets you get your friends pregnant!

HARDY HAR HAR: Peter Griffin sucks at Modern Warfare 2
Street Fighter IV characters get fan altered outfits


Nintendo DLC: Hey, that’s a brick-breaker/RPG!
Grand Theft Auto DLC finally arriving on PS3 this week
Black Rock Studios answers your Split/Second questions

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