The Daily Hotness: More Heroes

Jonathan Holmes believes No More Heroes coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 is a victory for the Wii. Is he right?

Get a taste of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Conrad reviewed a Wiimote gun add-on, Dale checked out some iPhone games, take a look at our Black Friday round-up, Blizzard is teasing something and more happened on 11/23/09.

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Community blogs of 11/23/09
Forum of the day: Rev Rant: Modern Warfare 2

Peripherally Speaking: Crossfire Remote Pistol

Bad Company 2 beta dishes out meaningful experiences
GT Racing: Motor Academy
Avatar (iPhone)
Driver (iPhone)


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Black Friday:
Nintendo DSi bundled with DSiWare games
Walmart going nuts with game sales
Our roundup of the best deals

Blizzard’s @warcraft Twitter account teasing… something
Matt Hazard will lead to our 2012 demise and other facts
Do the Wrong Thing: The Thief Formerly Known as Link
Namco Bandai tease was for Digimon, not Xenosaga
In college? Trade on Goozex for free
Bioware probably developing an original IP
Nintendo DLC Update: Bit.Trip and Super Mario Kart
Ruffian talks Crackdown 3 and 30 frames-per-second
Study: Videogames allow you to commit war crimes
Jeff Strain talks Undead Labs and its console zombie MMO
Captain Forever released, you’ll be better at it than me
US Air Force is a huge PS3 fanboy, buys 2,200 systems
Capcom: Nothing’s more difficult than launching new IP
Hot Bayonetta demo action coming next week
Reminder: PlayStation Store updates tomorrow
Dead Space 2 revealed in next OPM?
Visceral: True poetry fans ‘love’ Dante’s Inferno game
Dale North psyched about Fallout 3 360 Avatar items
UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 beats Mario, Assassins Creed
On PSN: Gravity Crash, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons
Photography RPG? Konami announces Foto Showdown on DSi
Maxim reveals winner of ‘hottest’ Bayonetta model search
Become a zombie in this L4D2 promo
Mass Effect 2 ‘surprise’ revealed (we think)
Demigod patch time: Introducing the Demon Assassin
You will not survive this: Super Meat Boy boss reveal

Uwe Boll making a third Bloodrayne movie
This Pikachu ski mask is fifteen kinds of horrible
16-player co-op Left 4 Dead 2 looks like a bad dream
BioShock cosplay is shockingly splendid
Pandemic goes out in a blaze of glory
Hey, McFly! Check out this Crysis mod
Gaming culture on your wall: ‘Know Your Weak Points!’

Dr. Ned needs a few bodies to clean up some zombies

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