The Daily Hotness: Minecrafttoid

CES is in full go! Dale North is on the scene and will be bringing us a ton of coverage all week long. We’ve already heard a few things, such as Hulu Plus and Netflix getting Kinect support and that an iPad 2 is going to be announced soon. We also reviewed Ilomilo, previewed Bit.Trip FLUX and the first real Catherine gameplay trailer makes it look really hard.

Oh, and our Minecraft server is INSANE!

CES 2011:
CES: CES 2011 is a go; we are ready
CES: Who needs consoles when you have a Panasonic TV?
CES: Hulu Plus, Netflx getting Kinect support this spring
Torchlight, Beyond Good & Evil HD out on XBLA next month
CES: Avatar Kinect is your new virtual chat room
CES: Fable Coin Golf announced for Windows Phone 7
CES: Kinect sells over 8 million, 360 breaks 50 million

Destructoid Originals:
Destructoid’s MAGFest 9 Iron Chef team
Crazy things are happening on the Dtoid Minecraft server
Destructoid Live: DC Universe Online closing ceremonies
Destructoid: iPads and He-Mans and Buttcheeks

Destructoid Atari 2600 Game: Details

Contest: Win a Sumo Lounge beanbag chair of your choice!
And the Bulletstorm nutcracker winner is…

Review: Ilomilo

Death isn’t so bad in Bit.Trip FLUX

Rumor: Infinity Ward working on Modern Warfare prequel
CES: iPad 2 case discovered
THQ, Mattel alliance may spawn He-Man game
Ubisoft’s always-on DRM not actually dead yet
PS3: It only does custom Firmware (against Sony’s wishes)
Get your read on: Halo Cryptum novel out now
EA retiring online services for nearly 30 games
PacMap turns your city into a game of Pac-Man
DC Universe Online beta closing events detailed
Kaos: Dedicated servers essential for online games
Dead Space iPhone launches January 25, have screens
Atlus’ Devil Survivor Overclock 3DS game revealed
Illusive Man’s history detailed in Mass Effect comic
Kinect accused of causing red rings of death
NA PlayStation Store getting TurboGrafx-16 games
Free App of the Day: Mirror’s Edge (in a few countries)
Vizio including OnLive in new TVs, Blu-ray players, more
Get ready, FIGHT! EVO 2011 date announced
Experts unsure why Nintendo issued 3DS warning for kids
Free armor and weapon for early Mass Effect 2 PS3 owners

Kinect mod adds super jiggly boobs

Salivate over this Beyond Good & Evil teaser trailer
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle screenshots
Cthulhu Saves the World trailer gets musical
Watch a Catherine gameplay video, for real
New Monster Tale trailer
Disgaea 4’s special attacks are crazier than ever
Voxatron is another one for the old human memory banks
Dead Space 2 squirts out some fleshy screenshots
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gets new downloadable content
Chiptune documentary ‘Reformat the Planet’ now on Hulu

Hamza Aziz