The Daily Hotness: Milla Drunkovovich

I saw Milla Jovovich tonight. She was smashed out of her mind! Also, this is my job? Seriously?! Awesome.

We reviewed Max and the Magic Marker, Anthony checked out Sleep is Death, PAX Prime 2010 is open for registration, Duke Nukem Forever would have gone gold yesterday, Killzone 2 is going 3D, Two Worlds II is looking good and more happened on 04/02/10.

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Max and the Magic Marker

Sleep is Death (Controller mode)

Win Lost Planet 2 multiplayer versus demo codes!

Hip Tanaka to play at Blip Fest Tokyo
PAX Prime 2010 registration opens, a tad bit pricier

Super Mario Bros. Super Show now on Netflix Instant Watch
Red Faction to appear on silver screen
Console gaming pioneer Ralph Baer honored
Alpha Protocol on Steam for pre-order, comes with bonus
Kratos quickly ripped off heads in over a million homes
Rock Band DLC: Someone named their band Skillet
Borderlands half off for Steam weekend deal
Microsoft suing Datel over controller design
Splinter Cell PC delay has nothing to do with DRM
Duke Nukem Forever would have gone gold yesterday
Several new PS3 ‘Greatest Hits’ titles announced
Capcom giving back with ‘Kill Big for Charity’
Sega Studios in San Francisco shutting down (Update)
Ogmo from ‘Jumper’ confirmed playable in Super Meat Boy
Final Fantasy IX confirmed for PSN
Geometry Wars Touch now available for iPad
Killzone 2 is getting the 3D treatment
EA putting five big franchises onto iPad
Fumito Ueda wants Team Ico games ported to PS3
Free Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles
Pre-order Green Day: Rock Band with GameStop, export tracks for free
Blur 360 beta open to all next week
Gameloft announces a bunch of iPad games
Microsoft apparently up MechWarrior 4 release
Sonic 4 videos leaked, people ruin game for themselves
Nintendo catches, shuts down fan-made Pokemon MMO

Waste some time with the Gorillaz flash games
Pac-Man meets Saw in this fan-made trailer

Two Worlds II looks … good
Mafia II gets its first developer diary
Bungie’s April Fools joke shows new Halo: Reach gameplay
Super serious Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter demo hits Steam
Namco launches 3 iPad titles, has an iPhone sale
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 now available for iPhone/Touch
The west is so wild in latest Red Dead Redemption trailer
Okay, we get it, you blow crap up in Split Second
Blood Bowl is going to get legendary
Telltale’s Sam & Max ‘The Penal Zone’ hits iPad
Xenoblade gets artwork, music, Classic Controller options
Many violences happen in this Engrish Final Fight intro

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