The Daily Hotness: Meow meow meow cat chow

Brad Nicholson received a bunch of plushies. The plushies were light, so he couldn’t use them as weights. Instead he threw the plushies at his overweight cat in a fit of rage. What a jerk.

Take a survey about Dtoid and maybe win some cash, we dropped some The Ripper details on you, Nick reviewed Critter Crunch, Metal Slug XX coming to the PSP, GTA IV is now a Platinum Hit and more happened on 10/06/09.

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GTA IV, Street Fighter IV, more are now 360 Platinum Hits
Lucidity and Southpark coming to LIVE Arcade soon
Ubisoft acquires Nadeo (aka the TrackMania folks)
BusinessWeek: Nintendo is like, the best company of ever
Magicka: A tale of Norse mythology and bloody explosions
Is the PlayStation motion controller called Sphere?
WET developer A2M might do more original IP
Dante’s Inferno dev making Jack the Ripper game
Full DJ Hero set list revealed, includes 93 mixes
Resident Evil 5: AE content: DLC or a new disc? Vote!
Dragon Age, Army of Two getting comic book treatment
Remedy files new trademark for Death Rally
Man sues Sony after Firmware bricked his PS3
Batman: Arkham Asylum could’ve been a rhythm game
PopCap gets $22.5m in funding, buys cool office chairs
UK EyePet release not affected by US delay
Metal Slug XX comes to PSP, underwear pre-order bonus
PSPgo? More like PSPslow!
Machinarium available for pre-purchase
Project Natal to be priced ‘like anything else’
Sony winning is best for the industry … says Sony
Gamers to use real security cameras to spy for the cops
Demon’s Souls wiki needs your input
Biggest DS cart yet: 4GB, for Ghibli/Level 5 RPG
Top 40 Japanese game composers form an alliance
Beneath a Steel Sky – Remastered hits iPhone this Friday
How Persona 4 fared when it comes to sales
And the mysterious new Zen Pinball table is …
Activision thought Modern Warfare idea was risky
Reggie Fils-Aime says Walmart is their biggest customer
Modern Warfare 2 imagery already upsetting people
Nintendo on Holiday 09: We have a ‘tremendous amount’
NieR director disses the Wii, demands an HD solution
Public beta for next Xbox 360 update happening this month
Alpha Protocol delay confirmed by Sega
NFS: Shift plus five more from EA arrive on Steam
Tale of Tales’ Fatale puts a price on ambiguity: it’s $7
EEDAR reports 37% of 2009 Wii games went unreviewed
Japanese Flash game Eki Golf is hilarious, fun

This shirt is TOTALLY not Left 4 Dead related
The modern day sequel to Don’t Copy That Floppy


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