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Little late to the party with this, but it’s too good to pass on. You never cease to amaze me, f7u12.

Rather eventful day, wasn’t it? Mass Effect 3 was pushed into 2012, Jim reminded us about the excellent Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, Podtoid made its triumphant return, The Darkness II was dated for the fitting month of October, and more happened on 5/4/11.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 149: Elusive Zazu
Dtoid meetups for the month of May
The story of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Live show: Mash Tactics Gears of War 3 beta giveaway
Live Show: Bully continues on Backlog!
New Destructoid Episode: Mass Effect 3 and Sexual Favors

Forum thread of the day: Podtoid 149: Elusive Zazu

Realms Online goes live, here are 1,000 goody codes

Child of Eden: Saving Eden with Kinect… or not
Preview: Gatling Gears

Microsoft to bring ‘Halo Fest’ to PAX Prime in 2011
Wii now officially $149, ‘Nintendo Selects’ line detailed
Sony sorry for latest breach, makes up for it with masks
Nintendo: 3DS AR games will become more popular
Hackers bring OtherOS back to PlayStation 3
Ocarina of Time 3D: 3DS improvements detailed
Witcher 2 edits out sexual favors for Australian release
Atlus Japan’s new webpage for upcoming DS RPG
The Darkness II darkens retail shelves on October 4
Sony hit with second PSN class action suit
App Store: Apps from promo codes cannot be rated
THQ: We’re not making Saints Row: Drive By
Is the next Assassin’s Creed set in the Ottoman Empire?
Mass Effect 3 delayed until Q1 2012
Square Enix drops Moon Diver on XBLA today
Free App of the Day: Berzerk Ball (iOS)
Deal North: $35 Portal 2, cheap L.A. Noire and more
Oh yeaaaah! WWE All-Stars add-on content now available
Sony overviews security breach in letter to Congress
Sony domain points to WipEout Trinity
Sequel power! EA exceeds 2 million on many ‘2’ sequels
Why we don’t have a date for Star Wars: The Old Republic
Konami hosting pre-E3 show online and in person
Greece gets awesome Ocarina of Time 3D extras
1-bit Ninja induces nostalgia while still looking unique
Super Meat Boy level editor live on Steam
Wanted Corp announced, stars guy named Neal H. MadDogg
Thor goes 16-bit in free, browser-based platformer

Dungeon Siege III introduces us to Anjali
Brink gets SMART with classes
Rock of Ages looks great, needs to release already
New Darkness 2 trailer is like an ugly bag of snakes

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