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Artist Chris Carlson, known for his 3D chalk art, went ahead and drew a 3D Yoshi from Mario Kart, along with some of the game’s other trappings, and super imposed it on some live action shots of a real suburb street. Chalk this up as another neat things gamers do.

Today, Fraser Brown reviewed Worms Clan Wars, Chris Carter previewed the horn-less War of the Vikings, and we had a bunch of video content from PAX go up. 2DS impressions, thoughts on Titanfall, the entire staff swooning over Transistor, and more!  

Destructoid Original:
Homeworld, Dragon Age, Mighty No. 9, and some sad news


Community blogs of 9/3
Forum thread of the day: Samurai Gunn

Review: Worms Clan Wars


War of the Vikings has a lot of promise

Transistor had us all sorts of excited at PAX Prime
Wolfenstein: The New Order has the greatest moral choice
PixelJunk Inc. may be the biggest and best in the series
Pokemon X and Y look better in person
Titanfall was the most talked about game of PAX
The 2DS had a surprisingly good showing at PAX

TimeSplitters Rewind in development for PlayStation 4
Renegade Kid offers to help bring Mighty No. 9 to 3DS

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut on PC this Halloween
Xboxtopus: Xbox One supports eight controllers
Atlus RPG Stella Deus The Gate of Eternity hits PSN today
Sony reportedly has its own VR headset for PS4
Star Citizen has now raised $17 million in funding
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare only has multiplayer
Inafune: Japanese game industry has ‘gotten worse’
Grand thrift auto: Win a real life GTAV Banshee


New Fantasia: Music Evolved trailer reveals ‘The Haven’
Developers of E.Y.E. are making Space Hulk: Deathwing
Secrets of Raetikon is what Chasing Aurora should’ve been
Rime gives you reason to be excited for PS4

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