The Daily Hotness: Luigi is lazy

This video is pretty amazing to watch. Three players transport Luigi throughout the entire level without the Luigi player having to do a thing. Nice!

We reviewed Modern Warfare 2, Command & Conquer 4 arrives in March, Borderlands 2 could happen, Hotel Dusk sequel announced, the Xbox Live system update comes next week and more happened on 11/12/09.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Command & Conquer 4 hits March 16, beta program announced
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Sony treating PS3 Wiimote as ‘a new platform’
DJ Hero, Assassin’s Creed 2 Avatar clothes on Xbox Live
MW2 may have had the biggest entertainment launch ever
Borderlands 2: Hey, it could happen
Torchlight hitting retail in January
A new Final Fantasy XIII trailer hitting Home real soon
Hotel Dusk getting sequel, The Last Window
Mythic exec says studio will continue to support MMOs
Interactive RE: The Darkside Chronicles trailer is messy
Attention, PS3 fans: Braid hitting PSN today
THE Xbox LIVE system update hitting November 17th
Ubisoft making a fighting game and an RPG
GameStop wants to sell you DLC in their stores
White Knight Chronicles makes Home fun for another hour
Be on the lookout for Diablo III in the ‘next few years’
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories hits December for Wii
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$1 million and counting: Dragon Age DLC selling well
TIME names Natal one of the best inventions of 2009
Love the color red? This Tony Hawk: RIDE board is for you
Super Mario Wii gets its own NASCAR car
Tim Langdell is a dick, indies respond…from the EDGE
Pinball Heroes now up on the PSP Store
Unreal Engine 3 toolset being used by over 50,000 people
10 million Xbox 360s sold in Europe and counting

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