The Daily Hotness: Loud noises

Arnold Schwarzenegger sure likes to make noises. (Via FilmDrunk)

Chad details the troubled life of the Kongs, Tara and Holmes were guests on Unboxing Porn, we reviewed the OnLive Microconsole, Portal 2 is delayed, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean was announced and more happened on 11/18/10.

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The troubled life and times of the Kongs
Tara and Holmes on Unboxing Porn: Black Ops Edition
Game with us: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii)
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Review: The OnLive Microconsole and Controller

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Contest: Be good at NFS: Hot Pursuit, win an EA game

OnLive subscription plan detailed
OnLive announces Microconsole release date and pricing
Zynga announces CityVille
Here is K-Mart’s Black Friday ad
Alan Wake to hit Games on Demand on November 23
WarDevil not canceled, now called Project Kane
Nintendo invading malls for the Holidays
Argh! LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game coming
Borderlands hits Mac this December
Nobuo Uematsu composing The Last Story
Disney plans Epic Mickey launch event for Times Square
Black Ops smashes records on Xbox 360 and PS3
ESPN guys whine over Kobe Bryant Black Ops ad appearance
The Last Story gets a special edition
Black Friday: Walmart offering up console bundles
Kingdom Under Fire 2 coming to PS3 with special content
Jason Graves returns to score Dead Space 2
New Sackboy Move game: Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves
Demo versions of WiiWare coming November 22
MS: You better order Kinect by the end of the week
GameStop: 50 percent of profit comes from pre-owned
Rock Band DLC: John Lennon’s Imagine
Agarest War 2 gets Move support for massage, bath scenes
Character from Namco’s Splatterhouse to appear in Playboy
The Witcher 2 pre-order details and DRM-free GOG deal
Portal 2 delayed, now coming out in April 2011
Dead Space 2 action figure is f*cking awful
Echochrome 2 has one music track that is 75 minutes long
Dynasty Warriors 7 has DLC, multiplatform 3D
Amazon is having a Collector’s Edition sale
LittleBigPlanet 2: Demo and beta expansion coming
God of War dev: PSP was ‘doomed from the start’
Def Jam Rapstar DLC brings Eve, Kanye, and more
Share WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 snapshots online

Playing the Kinect and Move at the same time
‘Pigsy’ voice actor talks working on Enslaved
Hot new Rockman Online gameplay footage
Swarm mode in Section 8: Prejudice explained
Ignition’s Swarm looks like Pikmin had sex with Overlord
Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer analysis
Little robot uses Kinect sensor as its eyes
Lord of the Rings: War in the North’s story detailed
iDevice Rage now available, see it in action here

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