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THIS IS ADORABLE! GOD DAMMIT! [Spotted by the one and only, Colette Bennett on The Stranger.]

Ben chats it up about XBLA games appearing on Windows 7 phones, Jordan reviewed Risk: Factions, we checked out the co-op in DeathSpank, 101 Shark Pets is a real game, BioShock movie is still on the way, Rock Band 3 gets vocal correction tech and more happened on 06/30/10.

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Community blogs of 06/30/10
Forum of the day: FFVII VS FFVIII

Sam & Max in They Stole Max’s Brain!
RISK: Factions

When Sparkles the Wizard joins DeathSpank, co-op ensues

‘Most robust online mode ever’ set for Mortal Kombat
Drum Studio is only 80 Microsoft Points
Criterion’s Need for Speed going on a US tour
3D glasses made cool by Gunnar
Rumor: New Tomb Raider set for holiday 2011 release
Saints Row: Drive By coming to 3DS, XBLA
Rock Band 3 gets fancy vocal-correcting tech
War for Cybertron DLC characters selling for $100 on eBay
Visceral hiring folks for Dante’s Inferno sequel?
Rumor: Hulu on PS3 requires PlayStation Plus
Move support you can’t use yet added to PlayStation 3
Mafia 2 no longer features multiple endings
White Knight Chronicles coming to the PSP
New Yakuza title for PS3 currently in development
Miyamoto makes mad monies, man
FarmVille bug prompted new Firefox update
AstroDriller 3020 is like an inverted Missile Command
Public Access Destructoid: What games do porn stars play?
Final Fantasy XIV date, collector’s edition announced
Gameloft is doing another $0.99 sale
‘Rampage’ Jackson getting his own videogame?
BioShock movie update: It’s still coming, folks
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta begins… now!
PC Gamer UK releases some Torchlight MMO details
Club Nintendo to offer the best Mario shirts ever

This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker figure is pretty hot
Mega64: What really happened at the E3 press conferences


Sonic Colors screens have Sonic and colors in them
A game for real men: 101 Shark Pets
XBLA, PSN re-releases of Saturn titles next for Sega?
Alien vs. Predator ‘Bughunt’ map pack coming July 7
Portal 2 has lasers and giant sucking tubes!

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