The Daily Hotness: Living in the garbage

Maybe Oscar the Grouch had it right, man. Dumpster living is pretty classy, and a great alternative to, well, a lot of worse options. Plus, affordable housing? Good stuff. Interests me, anyways!

Today, Rob Parker contributed a salient piece on the critically acclaimed Journey, Chris Carter responded to assertions made by Anita Sarkeesian in her recent interview with Dtoid (don’t read most of the comments, if you want to stay sane), a bunch of things that you should buy are on sale, and more!

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid records today and we might answer questions
Over the precipice: An essay on Journey
Live show: The secrets of The Secret World
Team Fortress 2sdays: Return from the inferno
A response to some arguments in Anita Sarkeesian’s interview

Community blogs of 7/3
Forum thread of the day: iPhone and iOs games thread

Win a subscription to PlayStation Plus + 12 free games!

Sakurai: Don’t expect more characters for next Smash Bros
Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection adds 3 titles
PSone Classics coming to PS Vita with firmware 1.8
EA going 100% digital ‘in the near future’
Baldur’s Gate remake to feature paid DLC
Microsoft: Halo 4 requires a HDD, think about installing
EU court rejects EULAs, says digital games can be resold
PS2 games coming to PSN next month (in Japan)
PSA: The RE6 demo is out today for Dragon’s Dogma owners
Square Enix producer wants Theatrhythm to become a series
Harvest Moon inspired by violent videogames
Microsoft obtains rights to Xbox 8 domain names
Beneath A Steel Sky guys working together for new game
Theatrhythm producer gives us the dirt on development
Sega’s 4th of July sale for PSN, XBLA and iOS
HOJAEFJAAM: Atlus having an amazing summer sale on PSN

History of Sonic book speeds by in September
Mega Man #15 tackles the difficult issues
OC ReMixer halc goes aquatic with Hydrocity album

Tencent and Activision bring Call of Duty Online to China
Closed beta event for End of Nations set for July 20
The Secret World launch trailer should be seen
Adventure Time game will take a page out of Zelda II

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