The Daily Hotness: KISS panda bears

Somewhere in the world, at some point, there was a board meeting with a bunch of toy executives. They had to come up with new ways to make money off from the band KISS. They tossed around a whole bunch of ideas, and they decided to go with making a bunch of stuffed panda bears with painted faces. After all, when I think of the crazy metal band KISS, I think about cute little pandas.

We don’t have any other bizarre band related stuffed toys on Destructoid today, but maybe we’ll get some in the future. In the mean time, we have a new episode of Podtoid, Jim amazes us once again with his artistic talent, we get to listen in on some office chat, Jordan reviews Joe Danger: Special Edition, Alan Wake is finally going to be coming to the PC, and we continue to give stuff away.

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