The Daily Hotness: JURI JURI JURI

A special Capcom fight club is going down this Thursday in New York. Juri commands you to go.

We toured some new features coming up in the next Dashboard update, we showed the first ten minutes of Borderlands, we brought you more on BIT.TRIP, PAX East tickets are on sale now, Infinite Bits is going down this week in Florida and more happened on 10/20/09.

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Ten Minute Taste: Borderlands
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‘Immersion’, videogame worlds and you.
Community blogs of 10/20/09
Forum of the day: What game do people watch you play?

I played the Queen and Beatles RB DLC, and it was great

Play Kia Speed Racing on Facebook, win a PS3

Play Super Street Fighter IV in New York this Thursday
PAX East tickets now on sale
Florida peoples: Come to Infinite Bits to play weird shit


Visceral Games bummed about Dead Space Extraction sales
Darksiders gets a slight delay, totally badass box art
Videogames: They cripple your kids now
PC version of Saw will only be distributed digitally
Take a photo tour of Blizzard’s awesome offices
Oddworld invades PSN this Thursday!
So, this is what Epic Mickey looks like
Ubisoft trademarks name ASSASSIN, we got nothing
Sony has only just begun its ‘onslaught’
OFLC rates Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Predator and Rabbids Lab
The Beatles: Rock Band defeats Guitar Hero 5
Bellevue getting a $4 million ‘game room’
Pixeljunk pres pondering PSP Piracy
PSPgo failing hard in Australia
Miyamoto: Next console to be ‘compact, cost-efficient’
Pics of cab confirm new Sega Daytona game
Infinity Ward ‘won’t ignore’ Modern Warfare 2 petition
Prints less money: Nintendo’s first drop since 2004
Konami announces Rocket Knight … again
Games on Demand update: Army of Two and fast stuff
Amazon: $20 PSN credit for PSPgo buyers
‘Bout time: Trine due out on PSN this Thursday
Microsoft to launch a rewards program for LIVE sub’ers?
Xbox 360 dashboard update invites going out on Friday
Blood bag energy drinks make all your dreams come true
September NPD: Half a million PS3 sold, outsold Wii
Europe getting a black Wii bundle, I cry myself to sleep
God of War III director talks SIXAXIS support, future DLC
Pre-order RE: The Darkside Chronicles, get a money clip

Custom Halo Elite Halloween costume is pretty rad

Indie-developer FPS/RPG E.Y.E. is something to watch
Queen brick figures to appear in LEGO Rock Band
Dungeons & Dragons played on Microsoft Surface
Gravity-bending third-person shooter Inversion announced
Bayonetta’s Japanese launch commercial is ludicrous
New 3D Dot Game Heroes trailer is terrific
Shadow Walker looks shady…get it?
Cool snowboarder talks freedom in Stoked: Big Air trailer

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