The Daily Hotness: jRPG PUNCH!

Photo Dojo is going to be the game of the year!

We brought you an exclusive trailer for Just Cause 2, Josh reviewed Last Rebellion, Dale checked out some Nintendo games, the PAX East schedule is up, Metroid: Other M starts of awesomely and more happened on 02/25/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Ah, my hair! Watch me fight in Photo Dojo on the DSi
Exclusive: Just Cause 2 kicks reason to the curb


My Expertise: Turnips
Community blogs of 02/25/10
Forum of the day: 2010 A completed book, movie, TV show odyssey

Last Rebellion


Lining up for Art Style: Light Trax
WarioWare D.I.Y. has my imagination running wild
Art Style: Rotozoa: Like flOw, but with a point
Just Cause 2 offers a ridiculous good time

Win an-all-expense-paid trip to PAX East thanks to Two Worlds II
Strike a pose, win rare Muscle March-themed Wii
God of War III contest series — Week 1

PAX East event schedule is up!
Chiptune event in San Francisco going down next month


Valve put some OSX in Steam’s files
Ubisoft’s PC DRM is decidedly anti-soldier
Heavy Rain users are reporting issues with the game
Supreme Commander 2 PC demo now a thing you can get
Mario Galaxy 2, Other M get European release details
Here are your Metro 2033 PC specs
Fail: Worms Reloaded is just a rehash of XBLA/PSN games
Alpha Protocol hitting NA this June
Metro 2033 not coming to PS3 because of business
Aliens vs. Predator getting PC patch on Monday
Borderlands PC update 1.30 is kind of hilarious
Deadly Premonition is $16.90 for 48 hours only!
Inafune: A new 16-bit Mega Man game is ‘a great idea’
This is what Bad Company 2’s free day-one DLC looks like
The second episode of ‘The Tester’ hits PSN
Metroid: Other M recreates classic videogame sequence
Mass Effect 2: ‘Firewalker’ DLC announced, releases March
Batman Arkham Asylum PC gets price slash tomorrow
Volleyball mini-game coming to Castle Crashers on the PSN
Darksiders demo rolls onto Xbox LIVE

Whining Sonic fans take Sonic 4 complaints to new lows
Garrymon: Pokemon meets Half-life in a unholy union

Split/Second cover art plus a bunch of new screenshots
Fable III screens are Fable-ous
Rage of the Gladiator: Punch-Out!! meets mythology
You can get Wesker in Lost Planet 2 without pre-ordering
OKAY!!! King of Fighters XIII announced
New No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise trailer hurts my soul
Skaters allowed in Skate 3’s university setting
Alpha Protocol new video and screens GET
First screens of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

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