The Daily Hotness: Joe Danger’s swan song

I will admit, I haven’t played as much Joe Danger as I’d like. It’s sitting there on my PS3 hard drive, waiting for when I figure out how to stop time and play all of the games in my backlog. Still, with what little I have played, I know I like it, so it was nice to see Hamza write up several Destructoid Originals on what will be the last game in the series.

Otherwise, Jonathan wrote a guide for the tantalizing Guild Wars 2, Allistair professed his love for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a surprisingly large number of trailers came out on this fine Friday.

Destructoid Original: 
Joe Danger: The Movie will be the last Joe Danger game
Joe Danger creator embarrassed by original’s level editor
Friday Night Fights: GO! GO! GO!
Your guide to Guild Wars 2
Joe Danger on making leaderboards exciting again
This weekend on Dtoid TV: RaiderZ & Logitech giveaways
The DTOID Show: The Border Lands, CS:GO, and Dishonored

Community blogs of 8/24
Forum thread of the day: PAX Prime 2012

Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Review: Papo & Yo

PAXXOUT at PAX with Rise of the Triad + Razer + Dtoid
Experiencing the Art of the Assassin

Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition announced
The World Ends With You is being ported to iOS
Sony patent points to playable mini-game advertisements
Dark Souls PC resolution issue modded out in 23 minutes
Kingdom Hearts AR Cards now available at Club Nintendo UK
Microsoft changes logo after 25 years
Natsume’s PlayStation Plus game sale: up to 75% off
Final Fantasy Dimensions: thirty bucks for an iOS game?
The Uncharted movie loses another director
Apple awarded $1.05 billion in Samsung infringement case
Weekend PC download deals: Buy Just Cause 2, okay?

Tetris: The Musical is… VeggieTales?
HAWP: You know what to do, Ash, bust a move!

Dead or Alive 5 adds Helena and Lisa, online features
ZombiU dev diary says the Wii U is needed for horror
Another meager helping of Grand Theft Auto V screens
Mass Effect 3: Leviathan trailer goes under the sea
MLG Summer Championship is live soon
Inside Assassin’s Creed III
XCOM: Try not to get everyone killed
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation campaign teaser trailer
Adventure game Tengami brings pop-up art to life

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