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On this beautiful Monday, Chris Carter reviews the second Guild02 game, BUGS vs. TANKS!; you get a double dose of Jim Sterling hamming it up on camera; Ellen Page doesn’t like Ellen Page lookalikes; Sakurai is sad that not all your favorite Smash Bros. fighters will return; and Microsoft throws money into the cloud.

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Forum thread of the day: Earth Defense Force 2025

Contest: Win the Worms Collection for Xbox 360 or PS3!
Contest: Win 5 Loot Crate swag-filled boxes

Review: BUGS vs. TANKS!

Sessler & Sterling at ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2013

Gamers campaign to end Wii U region locking
Mega Man Game Gear rated by ESRB
Ellen Page comments on The Last of Us likeness
PSN will be down for maintenance on Tuesday
DICE begged to do Star Wars: Battlefront
Project Spark beta sign-ups are open
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward goes free via PS Plus
Nordic grabs Silver and Desperados from Atari
Steam Trading Cards are leaving beta this week
New releases: Fight in the snow in Company of Heroes 2
Q Games partnering with Limbo Vita dev Double Eleven
Alaskan tribal council forms videogame studio
MS spending $700M on servers because the cloud demands it
Beamdog ‘still interested’ in doing Baldur’s Gate III
Super Smash Bros. lacks full cast due to time constraints
Pre-ordering Gran Turismo 6 means in-game money or cars
Wargaming CEO upset over Xbox Live fee for World of Tanks
Titanfall engineer on using the Xbox Live Cloud

Jimquisition: Why PC Gaming Gets Away With It
Allow K.K. and Friends to touch your musical soul

UDON to sell SDCC-only Street Fighter, Mega Man books
Bastion narrator lends his stellar voice to Starbound
Killer Is Dead trailer shows fight with King Quasi-Naked
Meet the enemies of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep
St. Christopher’s is in lockdown in a new adventure game
Here’s what Frostbite 3 brings to Battlefield 4
Scope these Adventure Time, Regular Show game covers
The Chaos Engine is coming back with a ‘restoration’

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