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Nick brought us a ton of info on some upcoming Capcom games, Josh reviewed Resonance of Fate, Splatterhouse is looking gory, Dale sucks at videogames and more happened on 04/20/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid 147: Robocop killed Clarence Boddicker
Dtoid’s guess-packed Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 prediction post
Exclusive: Say hello to Alpha Protocol’s Henry Leland

Captivate 2010:
Capcom’s Captivate round-up: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, and more!
Okamiden producer: Not a sequel, a ‘spiritual successor’
Super Street Fighter IV gets free ‘Tournament Mode’ DLC on June 15
Super Street Fighter IV 360 Avatar items incoming
More details on Dead Rising 2’s ‘Case Zero’ prologue DLC
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 coming 2011, now with more jump
A look at the map of Dead Rising 2’s zombie-killing playground, ‘Fortune City’
No current plans for iPhone/iPad versions of Okamiden
Dead Rising 2 trailer vague about story, allow us to shed some light
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds revealed with marvelous trailer
Drills meet bucket: A look at Dead Rising 2’s item combo system
Dead Rising 2 bloody direct feed video bonanza!
It takes two: Dead Rising 2 to feature two-player co-op
Okamiden coming to North America, first hands-on
Lost Planet 2 to get day one multiplayer DLC
Change fate, manipulate the world with your Ghost Trick


E For Effort: The Adventures of Mega and Master (A Cautionary Tale)
Community blogs of 04/20/10
Forum of the day: Art as a Medium of Expression: How Far is too Far?


Resonance of Fate

Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club in L.A.


Gullible PSN users fall prey to scammers
Chaos Rings launches, other Square Enix Apps go on sale!
Brink AI allegedly indistinguishable from human players
N64 game ported to iPhone: Wonder Project J2
Wii Classic Controller Pro is a go in America, out now
WTF? Wii Room Moving Pack? Isn’t that just extra cables?
ATTENTION: Go download Beat Hazard
Experience ‘The Passing’ in Left 4 Dead 2 on April 22
Japanese poll shows only 8% want a 3DS
Muscle March tops the charts…in Norway
Outcast, Master of Orion 1+2 the latest additions
Next batch of Game Room titles ready for next week

Mega Man 8 fan-made demake free for the playing
Mega64: Red Dead murder spree
The latest Red vs. Blue does something you’d never expect

Oh look, more Sonic the Hedgehog 4 screens
Meet NIER’s companions
Splatterhouse trailer blends beauty and pain
Monster Hunter Tri out today, trailer pretty epic
Reminder: Re-elect Mike Haggar for Mayor of Metro City
FMV adventure! Hysteria Project, for PS3 and PSP
Here’s a sh*tload of Sengoku Basara stuff
The Impossible Game is already pissing me off
Tecmo Bowl Throwback hits XBLA on April 28th, PSN later

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