The Daily Hotness: It’s Boxing Day!

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Okay, I’m not entirely sure what Boxing Day is. Someone please help me out here.

Not a whole lot went down today as everyone is still recovering from the Holiday madness, but Dale did inform us of the Wii U launch window, Jim listed his most disliked games of the year, Kid Icarus: Uprising has a release date and not much else happened on 12/26/11.

Destructoid Original:
Live show: Playing Kinect games on Mash Tactics

Community blogs of 12/26
Forum thread of the day: Gaming Tattoos

Wii U launch window now between June and end of 2012
Don’t give up on La-Mulana WiiWare, PC port coming too
Kid Icarus gets a release date and some fun new facts

The Jimquisition: The Ten Sh*ttest Games of 2011

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