The Daily Hotness: It’s begun…

Wow, the craziness has already started and the show floor hasn’t even opened yet! The excitement is heavy in the air here in LA; that is, if you’re here for E3. Apparently there’s some big hockey thing going on as well? What was your favorite thing that happened today? Mine was the Watch Dogs announcement. That just came out of nowhere.

Microsoft kicked things off at E3 with their conference, EA and Ubisoft followed suit, Sony closed the day out, and a billion other things happened on 6/4/2012.

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E3: Blowin’ up Brits in Assassin’s Creed III

Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference Recap:
E3: Recap of the Microsoft press conference

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E3: Recap of the Sony press conference

E3 2012:
E3: What do you want from the Microsoft press conference?
E3: Aerial indie title Chasing Aurora launching on Wii U
E3: Sound Shapes hits Vita and PlayStation 3 on August 7
E3: XBLA Summer of Arcade 2012 revealed?
E3: ESA considers moving gaming’s biggest expo eastward
E3: Counter-Strike: GO comes to consoles/PC August 21
E3: Paradox teaming up with TwitchTV
Rumor: Wii U price point set, will have apps
Rumor: New 3DS with larger screen to be announced at E3
E3: Feast your eyes on South Park’s glorious stick
E3: This year will be Capcom’s biggest booth ever
E3: Gears of War: Judgment artwork is very … fiery!
E3: Halo 4 image makes me want to play this game
Painkiller returns in Painkiller Hell & Damnation
E3: Gears of War: Judgment looks like more bloody fun
E3: Sony’s 2012 press conference is starting now

Atlus bringing Zeno Clash II to PSN, PC & XBLA in 2013
Sine Mora is coming to PS Vita with a special character
Another retailer points to Diablo III on PlayStation 3
Minecraft is the highest grossing XBLA game of all-time
Code of Princess coming to the US thanks to Atlus
THQ closes San Diego studio

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