The Daily Hotness: It’s about damn time

The big news today is the long-awaited confirmation of Xenoblade‘s release over here in the States. Seeing as I’ve already imported it, this doesn’t affect me too terribly much. However, it’s so nice to see Nintendo finally provide a new piece of software (that isn’t Zelda) for their console

There’s some speculation of the Wii U’s specs, we review Infinity Blade 2, Mojang’s Notch stepped down from his lead designer role for Minecraft, and more happened on 12/1/11. Oh yeah, and Xenoblade Chronicles was confirmed for the US!!!

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Xenoblade CONFIRMED for North America
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Final Fantasy Brigade, a new social game from Square Enix
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk Folk trailer is egg egg egg egg
Japan’s new PlayStation Vita commercial is pretty great
Capcom details Super Street Fighter IV: AE Version 2012
Oh! Those pricey Vita memory cards are for security
Zen Pinball comes to iOS and Android with a free table
Xenoblade trailer confirms British voices for NA release
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