The Daily Hotness: iPad blender smoothie

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The iPad isn’t even a week old and the Will It Blend people have already blended one. In other news, Will It Blend is still going on and I have no idea why.

Ben got to breath the same air as Jake Gyllenhaal, we recapped all the reviews for March, check out our top picks for iPad games, we took a look at Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, win some Just Cause 2 swag and more happened on 04/05/10.

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Win Just Cause 2 and some swag!

Day-one buyers of Modern Warfare 2 DLC got a week of LIVE
Gordon Freeman not likely to change soon
Divining the crystal ball: digital distribution in 2015
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is Amazon’s Deal of the Day
David Cage ‘frustrated’ by Microsoft’s ‘sci-fi’ Natal presentation
Star Wars: Dark Forces coming to PlayStation Network
Get MLB 2K10 for three dollars today
Nintendo DLC: Ironclad and…PooYoos?
Flower soundtrack arriving on PSN this week
Rumor: Yu Suzuki making a fighting game for PS Move
Sonic the Hedgehog’s fanbase is now eating itself
Greenberg: Natal will sell ‘millions and millions’
iPad sells over 300,000, one million Apps downloaded
Download Geometry Wars 2 on the cheap this week
Shadow Hearts publisher getting back into videogames
Mikami: God Hand failed because of creative freedom
Nintendo not worried by iPad, thinks it’s not profitable
King of Pool gets sunk into corner PSN pocket this week

Synopsis Quest lets you play 25 RPGs in ten minutes
Watch John McAllister attempt an Asteroids world record
Details on NECA’s latest BioShock figures
Old Spice games hitting Xbox Live … seriously


Mass Effect 2 ‘Kasumi’ DLC to hit real soon
Feist footage the most stunning thing you’ll see today
Resident Evil: Afterlife gets its first trailer
More Duke Nukem Forever footage emerges (Update)
PSP Mini BreakQuest now available on PSN
Solomon’s Keep looks like an adorable Diablo
Happy birthday, DSiWare
Freekscape: Escape From Hell hits PS3/PSP this week
Oh fishie, fishie, fishie, fish
Big bosses, big weapons in new Lost Planet 2 trailer
Super Street FIghter IV TV spot is super hot

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