The Daily Hotness: Incoming Enemy Fighters

As I’m sure you have all heard, the big story of today is how Tim Schafer and the dudes at Double Fine got a full adventure game project and documentary funded in just a few hours. The Kickstarter then raised over $1 million and IT’S STILL GOING. I put my change in. You probably should too, because it’s Tim F’ing Schafer. Anyway…

We have a review and a preview and a bunch of news that is nowhere near as cool as that. And if you don’t get how that opening clip of Star Fox is related… then I really don’t care. It’s an awesome game.

Destructoid Original: 
Dream games we’d like to see Kickstarted into reality

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It’s a big deal: Indie Game Music Bundle 2 announced
Double Fine gets game fully funded in a matter of hours
Asura’s Wrath delayed in UK by two weeks
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Ghost Recon Online closed beta starting in March
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Blizzard Entertainment schedules Diablo III for Q2 2012
How Aerosmith and Armageddon changed Itagaki’s life
Double Fine reaps over $1 million in under 24 hours!
Super Mario Crossover version 2.0 finally available

Uncharted fan film has Stormtrooper Academy graduates
In the Archie comic, Mega Man really can’t beat Air Man
Unholy horrors! 1000+ Skyrim warriors go to war
Low-poly Mass Effect CG models are massively adorable

Aliens: Colonial Marines box art has an alien on it!
Bethesda ‘Game Jam’ results in a better, odder Skyrim
DiRT 3 Complete Edition announced, adds $30 of content
This new trailer for The Splatters makes it look so easy
Ridge Racer Unbounded wants you to ‘deal with it’

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