The Daily Hotness: I’m the best

We have a strong contender for music video of the year already.

Today the planned SOPA hearings were postponed, a fan made an amazing Podtoid animation, Conrad talked about what games he wants to see on Kinect and so much more happened on 1/16/2012.

Destructoid Original:
The DTOID Show: Gaming resolutions & Skyrim BOOB MODS!
Five games we could really Kinect with
Live show: Halo: CE Anniversary on Mash Tactics

Community blogs of 1/16
Forum thread of the day: Sh*t People say on Facebook

SOPA hearings have been postponed
Microsoft denies security problems with Xbox Live
PS Vita firmware update 1.52 released
Atari, Ubisoft, others demanding money from pirates
Spend your break with Kingdom Rush on PC or iPad
The best: Team Fortress 2 masks in Saints Row: The Third
PSN to discount 12 games in “12 for ’12” sale event
San Francisco: Play the new Resident Evil games this week

This Podtoid animation is the new best thing ever
Jimquisition: Limited Collector’s Complete Edition
The AVGN’s MAGFest Q&A covers the upcoming film and more

PS Vita ‘lifestyle’ shots are derptacularly douchey
Unstoppable Gorg priced and dated for PC, Mac, and iPad
‘Ryder White’ add-on next for Dead Island
Free mod Elevator: Source is crazy enough to work
Please vote for Pirates in the next World of Keflings DLC
Is this our first look at Rhythm Heaven Fever?

Brett Zeidler